Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Right, I've Had Enough Now Of Spammers!

I've had two comments posted on my blog now, and each provide a link to an online pharmacy, selling viagra no doubt!

I have it set up so that you have to enter a code to post a comment. (Don't I?) I may have change this for a bit and put it that I authorise comments and see if that gets rid of this annoyance.  In a minute I will go look at my options.

Why, oh why is the internet riddled with these bloody people! No I don't want viagra, and if I did, I wouldn't buy it from you.

Ha! Just noticed they used a LJ account, so I've gone and reported them as a bot.  Take that! (Imagine me ninja chopping - not helping I'm reading The Scarlet Kimono which is obviously set in Japan - not that the books mention ninjas or anything... just me having a rambling moment, or witter (that's for Morton S Gray).

As a side note, I was thinking of changing the name of my blog, to Witterings of a Mad Woman (as I've noticed a lot of Ramblings) or Mad Woman Witters...  Would that automatically update everyone's blogs that have it on their blog lists?  Or should I keep it as Ramblings... ? Undecided.