Thursday, 21 July 2011

Failed Challenge But Still A Success

Two days ago the May - You Write Your Novel challenge ended, and thus, in some ways I failed it. I didn't finish my novel, I certainly didn't get to 80,000 words.

I knew it was going to be difficult with a two week holiday slapped in the middle. But I returned to news about the RNA Conference, and was encouraged to get an editor appointment, and had to concentrate on editing The Wedding Favour.

Since returning from the RNA Conference, I haven't found my writing mojo for Perfect Isn't An Option. I've now decided to continue with the editing of The Wedding Favour, taking on board the editor's advise, and hope it will be ready for submitting to publishers/agents by the end of the summer.

Thinking of the things I learnt at the RNA Conference, about pitch etc. I am still unsure where this 'book' lies amongst others in Waterstones. Who would it sit next to in a book shop pile? For those that have read it, maybe some suggestions? I did read Katie Fforde's A Perfect Proposal and wondered if it was a little along her lines. Anyway, I'm going to continue to read different authors from different publishers in the hope I might find something.

And the success of May - You Write Your Novel ? It taught me something very important in all of this. I can write 1000 words a day.

It will be my aim, when I am not editing, to do so from now. I will need a reason - especially when both boys are in school next term - to sit down and write, and not procrastinate, and so will give myself a daily target. Perfect Isn't An Option will get finished!

I do worry about my writing. Is it too simple? Are my plots not original enough? And leaving a post with a sample of my writing, it's the first post in ages not to have any comments on. So now I wonder is my writing that bad? I thought they'd be great debate on how much people loved or hated skiing for one! It's here if you missed it.

Now must crack on with that editing ...