Saturday, 28 April 2012

First Squeeeee! Moment

As you all know, I have sent The Wedding Favour out to four publishers. And if you are a friend on Facebook you will already know that two days later, I got an email from one of the publishers asking for the full manuscript.

Yes, my heart was going barmy like a hamster in a wheel. Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God!

Moments of panic as to whether the format was right etc. etc. Then, I sent it off.

Obviously, I still can not get too excited, because it could still get rejected, but this particular publisher only took the first five pages of the book, plus a short blurb (which I've already shared, although it has been edited slightly). That's the first five pages - double spaced! So we're not talking a lot of words!

However, I did do my little happy dance (you know, the one that Joey does in Friends) that those first five pages might be just a tiny bit okay!

I've also realised that I really do need to pull my finger out with Perfect Isn't An Option. Because, let's say for example, luck was on my side and a publisher accepts The Wedding Favour. I will need to drop everything to concentrate on the edits.

I want Perfect Isn't An Option finished ASAP and sent off to the RNA New Writers' Scheme by 31st August 2012. Okay, I could send a partial, but I really, really want to send a full.

Anyway, it's all gone quiet again, so I've probably got to sit it out for the next twelve weeks, and just knuckle down with Steve... Aiming to have his story finished by the middle of May.

Cue hot Bradley Cooper picture... (It links to the source.)