Friday, 20 July 2012

A Special Award For Friends

I was awarded this award by Annalisa Crawford for my love for Footloose. That's the original by the way... none of this remake stuff. You can not beat Kevin Bacon! Thank you, Annalisa, for this award.

You can read here  why the creator, Michelle Gregory, created it.

It is interesting, because if you look back into your past, you can see how many people you've met, that have been friends. From going on holiday and making friends, to a new job, people touch your life. And being the sentimental fool I am, I try to stay in touch with as many as possible (thank God for Facebook now!). But some do leave our lives and we do lose touch. It is physically impossible to stay in contact with everyone.

Anyway, I thought I would carry this little award on to those that are helping me currently with my journey, on life and writing. There is by no means any obligation to continue this on. There are no rules.

But a few people who stick out for me are:

Morton Gray - we both joined the RNA NWS this year, and both got in! We were up till midnight on the 1st of January messaging each other. And she's been generally encouraging about my life and writing

Helen Collard - we met through the Writer's Bureau and have been encouraging each other. She's helped me with both editing and research, and helps to keep me motivated. Thank you.

Becky Black - I have to always mention Becky, because without her I never would have been writing. I just wouldn't be here, right here, where I am now.

Rachel Lyndhurst - because she inspired me to post hot pics... I mean inspirational material for heroes. And she too has been a great boost to me lately.

Actually there were loads of people who stuck out. But I couldn't list them all. Everyone who reads my blog, chats to me via Twitter and Facebook are all special friends.

Only fair I finish on a Footloose-Kevin-Bacon picture.