Sunday, 30 December 2018

Wishing You All A Happy New Year!

I want to take this opportunity to wish all my friends, family, readers, and fellow writers a Happy New Year! Everyone who connects with me through social media - Happy New Year!

I'm getting it in early, as tomorrow I will actually be working. Then, I'll probably get side-tracked playing That's You or Knowledge is Power on the PS4 with the boys...

I want to especially thank the readers for buying my books, and leaving great reviews. This really does help authors, especially when they're questioning whether their writing is shit or not. (Me - all the time.) To read a five-star review does squash that negativity - even if it's my first book published five years ago.

2018 has been fairly positive for me, especially by writing those three positives a day, I have focused on the good things this year. It is something I will continue to do in 2019. I also have my friends to thank for keeping me positive, keeping me laughing and having so much fun. I have embraced being a singleton.

Sadly, I don't have a new book contract, so I have no idea what 2019 will bring on the book front, only that I will continue to write and persevere with my writing career. I actually have an idea now mulling around my head which is not likely to be deemed romance, but more commercial women's fiction.

However, I do have some fantastic events already planned for 2019! (It's about getting dates in the diary.) Can't wait for February, where I will be visiting Dublin for the first time ever and I am involved with the Weston Literary Festival again.

So watch this space!

I'm not very good at making new years resolutions, but I do want this year to be focused on improving my house - it needs decorating! (It will be a case of hoping the writing doesn't suffer and how much funds allow. Decorating party, anyone?)

Have a very happy New Year, and I wish you a positive year. And if occasionally life throws you a negative, try to take the positives from it.

Much love, to you all,

Teresa x 

Monday, 24 December 2018

A Christmas Message

I want to wish all my readers, friends and family a very Merry Christmas, and a happy New Year! Here's hoping 2019 brings you bigger and brighter things... and maybe even some Karma (sorry couldn't resist).

As a treat, here's a snippet from One Fine Day.

This is one of my favourite scenes, which I had so much fun writing. As you may know, I love my superheroes. Admittedly when I wrote this Man Of Steel had been released, but the current Wonder Woman with the beautiful Gal Gadot had not.

One Fine Day is the only novel I've written that contains Christmas... (Although this scene isn't it), so if you're looking for a wintry story, this could be for you.

Steve stared at his reflection in the mirror. Had Ruby taken this a step too far? Was this some kind of joke?

Superman. He was wearing a goddamn Superman costume. And he had a mask of Christopher Reeve’s face. To get into character, he’d slicked his hair so that it had the quiff at the front and looked darker.

“Come on, Steve. We need to be there by seven-thirty,” Ruby called up the stairs.

Maybe it was a good job he was working because he wasn’t sure where he was supposed to store his wallet. He stood at the top of the stairs, hands on his hips.

“Couldn’t you have found a better costume?”

“The theme is film stars and characters. And I left it a bit late. That was really the only thing in your size. Besides, I think it’s apt.” Ruby, unrecognisable dressed as Wonder Woman – including the black wig of hair – stood at the bottom, matching his stance. They were both getting into character, obviously.

“Apt! More like tight.”

“Shove a pair of socks down there if you’re worried.”

“I don’t need to put socks down there. Thank you very much.” That certainly wasn’t his problem. He wondered if this took his disguise to another level. Oh, the irony. But wasn’t he supposed to be dorky, and here he was showing off his toned physique. Maybe he should have laid off the exercise... Would a cardboard mask of Christopher Reeve really hide who he was?

Amazon UK
Amazon US 

Friday, 21 December 2018

Be Ashamed. Very Ashamed.

Isn't it funny how the guilty play the victim?

I feel I need to tell my side of the story. To prove who really is the victim...

I met He Who Shall Not Be Named on an online dating site. We chatted there a bit, then moved it to text messages - as you do.

During these early messages, He Who Shall Not Be Named at first sent me a couple of pictures with his boxers on, but clearly suggestive that he was aroused. I rolled my eyes (not that he could see that) - I was in the playground collecting my kids from school - and we had a giggle about it over texts.

I will state we hadn't met yet. 

Then, I'd come back from the pub with a friend one Friday night. I was in a fantastic mood - because my mate always makes me feel good and we'd had two bottles of Prosecco between us - and He Who Shall Not Be Named asked if he could send me some more pictures.

I replied drunkenly, "Yes, as long as they're not indecent."

I have no need for dick pics - certainly when I haven't even met the man.

Yes, well guess what, dear Reader, guess what he sent...

Not one, or two, or three, BUT FOUR pictures of his erect penis over WhatsApp. A couple in the shower, and couple in bed.

I went absolutely ballistic. I mean BAT SHIT CRAZY! I was fuming! (Anyone seen me when I'm angry, I give the Hulk a run for his money).

I think I replied something along the lines in between my Hulkish rant, "Are you even going to bother asking me out on a date or are you wasting my effing* time?"

*much harsher word used, beginning with F - trust me. Effing Fuming I was. Effing Fuming.

To this day, I wish I'd never met him. I should have seen the warning signs then and there, but we did meet, he was apologetic, and from then on, in the fourteen months we were together he showed remorse and appeared ashamed of his behaviour. I thought the man I'd fallen in love with could not have been the same guy who'd sent me these obscene photos... He was too nice. Too decent. I'd even discussed with him why he'd done it, and he'd replied he'd been advised it was the thing to do. I advised him then it was NOT the thing to do.

He came across inexperienced in the dating game. And so, embarrassed for him, I never shared with my friends his initial behaviour. (A couple of friends knew because at the time the Hulk wasn't rational and I needed to be calmed back to my Bruce Banner state).

I wish I had share this information with more friends!

So, what do I find out now? He's still doing it. He is still sending women, whether they want them or not, indecent pictures of his dick as his chat up line.

So he never was truly remorseful. He hasn't learnt by what I said. He even now switches it around, the women are the liars, the woman asked for these images...

I mean, I imagine, if you're sending something obscene unsolicited, someone isn't going to like it and will complain. Don't make out you've done nothing wrong!

Well, I hope the next woman you send your dick too, she plasters it all over the internet with your name attached to it. (Best way to do this would be screenshot it - he can't deny it's not his then!)

So in my Samantha-then-Janus, Game On voice, I say:

Be ashamed. Be. Very. Ashamed.

Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Fame or Karma?

I've been informed by a reliable source that my blog is becoming rather popular in a certain town near Bristol. Fame at last! Or maybe, finally, it's Karma?

So this one is for all of you!

And anyone grieving the loss of a relationship. Obviously.

When I first started writing about my heartache, it was the hope, as a writer, to get it off my chest, to ease some of the pain I was feeling. Now, my hope is that maybe women (and men) can read my story, see how poorly I was treated by He Who Shall Not Be Named, and having encountered the same sort of situation, can gather strength from what I've written. To know that they are not at fault, with their self-esteemed shattered, and that there will be light at the end of the tunnel. To know they are not alone.

He Who Shall Not Be Named should come with a health warning. (I quote a friend here actually!)

A man who sees himself as selfless can actually be deceivingly selfish. Everything has to be on his terms, and he'll be very good at manipulating you into his terms. As soon as you question those, as soon as you start to ask for something more, something that a real loving relationship deserves, he'll dump you, and move on (to his next victim) very quickly.

And you're quite within your rights to want more from a relationship, be it commitment, time, intimacy. You're not a doormat. You're not prepared to be used.

Another ex-girlfriend of my Ex (yes he's racked them up since me) has been in touch, to praise this blog. (Thank you, by the way). If you haven't read it, and as this year comes to a close, I want to show you how far I've come. And for those maybe feeling hurt and angry by the loss of a relationship, I am proof that your grief will ease.

My story starts here with When Will It Go Right?  I thought, with He Who Shall Not Be Named, I'd finally found the right one. I have been divorced nearly seven years now, and I am still single (and wonder what the fuck I am doing wrong - or why I seem to fall for the arseholes - where as I have  friends in similar positions who have found great guys, even married them). I feel I wasted 14 months of my life on him... when I could have been working towards a relationship with another guy... another guy I've potentially missed, because I was too loved up with HIM.

And as you read through the blog, I hope you see how much stronger I have become, although it does take time. How counselling helped, too.

I still feel today I was conned out of my heart. I am grateful I wasn't conned out of money, or worse, something could have happened to my kids. (I feel lucky in that respect.) I was just used really, for sex and for the feeling of being in a relationship when it suited him.

What has come to light from these two women now that have messaged me; he has had a girlfriend for two years... Yes, I'm doing the maths! He ended our relationship in August 2017... that's less than two years ago... So, He Who Shall Not Be Named, were you cheating on me, too?

If so, WHEN did you find the time?

Were the extravagant gifts a way to hide your guilt?

Are you introducing all these women to your kids?

And take a good hard look at yourself! For someone who prides himself as being a good guy, you are not!

Are you the kind of man you would want your daughter to date? Do you want her to be treated how you treat your girlfriends and lovers? Is this how you wish your son to grow up to be?

Please! Take responsibility as a role model to your children if nothing else!

Although, sadly, at 50, it is unlikely you will change your ways.

I am sickened. I did not know you. And it sickens me further that you continue to use women - and thought very little of our relationship if you can move on so swiftly. But you're doing it to women who are looking for a relationship, not a hook up... You're duping them. It's wrong.

If you're just wanting sex, at least be honest about it.

Give them the choice as to whether they want to be partial to this behaviour, these terms.

I don't want to give you the satisfaction by saying you've ruined me. But I am not the same person that you met in June 2016 (where I was in a good place), or the woman you destroyed in August 2017.

As a romance writer, I have always believed in romance... (hence you deceived me as I saw your gestures as romantic and not manipulation) but now I'm feeling more cynical about it. Is there such a thing as 'the one' or a 'soul mate'?

I'll continue to write it... give women that escapism they need, but whether I believe in it, is another thing...

You have toughened me up. I have made my peace. I will go through life not relying on a man (well maybe one; my Dad). Where I get to be, the successes (and maybe the failures) will be down to me. And me alone.

I will be financially and emotionally independent. I will be responsible for my happiness.

For this knowledge I no longer need a man. I would like one, but to be honest, I can't be doing with the drama, I have too many good friends to keep in touch with, I'm not even sure I have the time to date.

And do I really want the heartache again?

Can I trust the next man, when you - a man you said I could trust - deceived me into loving you?

Note to those who may wish to share their grievances, if you would like to message me privately, please feel free to do so via my Facebook page. 

Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Owner of a 14-Year-Old Today!

New snorkels in Kos. Sums your silliness up! 
I can't believe THIS boy turns 14 today!

Happy birthday, Ben!

Gosh, I remember the morning of your birth, (as if it were yesterday, and not 14 years ago!) and you were laid on my tummy, swaddled in a towel, blue eyes staring up at me, and my love for you was unconditional from that moment on.

I was also petrified that I'd just become a mum.

You may drive me potty at times, with your dreamy, laid back attitude, but you have a wicked sense of humour, you're funny, thoughtful, helpful, and I admire how you put 110% into everything you do.

I love your quiet confidence and you do make me very proud.

You're going to grow up into a fine young man!

Love you, so so much,

Mum x

(Too old to be Mummy now 😟).

Kos 2018 - favourite Mocktail - Magic Island!

Friday, 30 November 2018

A Letter To My Ex

Dear Ex,

If you're going to private message me via my Facebook Page, you might want to unblock me to maybe allow me to reply.

I won't. (But even if I wanted to, I actually can't.)

Neither will I take down the post.

(Dear readers, apparently he doesn't like this post, He prided himself on being such a good man see, but 4 months in counselling told me a very different story. There's an article too about men sending inappropriate pictures that I posted, maybe he's not liking this either). 

I will not do either of these things (reply or remove post) because 1) I am blocked, and I've never done anything wrong, 2) I owe you nothing, yet you owe me 14 months of my life back, and 3) it's the truth, and it's my blog, so bite me.

I could list more, but these are good enough reasons.

Oh, maybe, I've never had an apology, or an explanation why you're such an F@ckwit.

However, with reference to the last part of your message, and you stating that you 'massively misread the situation at the start of our relationship', I would like to point out that you completely and utterly misread the whole of our relationship. I was working towards a future together. You however, was always going to bolt as soon as your terms got questioned.

So, on that note, hope life's treating you well shit.

Your Ex.

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

I Think I've Found Closure

So, last week something rather random happened. I was contacted via Facebook by an ex of my Ex (I now like to call him He Who Should Not Be Named or the other begins with a C and is rather rude for this blog). She is the one (of many by the sounds of things) after me.

Through messaging, I have discovered that he has made her feel like they were soulmates, deeply in love, and then, without warning, suddenly ending their relationship. Sound familiar?

She was so apologetic for getting in touch, but felt she needed to. I told her I didn't mind at all. This time last year I had wanted to do the same, to gather some understanding to what the hell had happened to a perfectly good relationship (or so I thought it was).

Now, I never in a million years thought I could empathise like this, and feel so much for her well-being. I mean she's an ex of an ex, right? I thought I would feel a jealousy, or something not anywhere near what I do feel for her.

He has hurt her too, breaking her heart. She is me, a year ago.

This has highlighted to me that I did not know the man I was dating. I don't recognise the man she tells me about, what he's doing, what he's done to her, what he's doing to other women. He's a liar and a cheat. A manipulative bastard.

He still sends dick pics - even when I stressed very strongly women do not need to see these sort of pictures, especially before actually dating, or having sex!

Friends said to me earlier in the year, that one day I would look back on the 14 months we shared together and I will have fond memories of them.

At the moment I can't see it. I look back and think of it all as lies and deceit. I don't know that man! The way it ended has also soiled those memories for me, too. And I'm not sure I want to look back on them fondly, because I couldn't understand what went wrong.

All I feel is that I wasted 14 months of my life working on a relationship he was never actually interested in.

She said to me that she felt so stupid and naive. SO DID I!

All I do know is I'm in such a good place right now, and learning these things about him has helped me get closure. And I hope, I'm helping this other woman, too, with the counselling I gained. And from the fact that he's done it again, reassures us and shows that there is nothing wrong with us, and it is all on him.

So now there are two of us praying he meets a psycho-bitch from hell who will make his life a living nightmare! Maybe we should start a Facebook group - He Who Shall Not Be Named Ex's. 😹

Wednesday, 7 November 2018

We love Kos

Gatwich very early 24th October 2018
Since returning last week, I have really wanted to write about my holiday in Kos. Only because it was such great fun, but I wanted to share the anxieties as a single mum that I had before going out to a foreign country, on my own, with my two children.

Exactly that.

I was going on holiday, to a foreign country, on my own, with my two sons. This actually scared me. A smidgen at least.

Ready for take off!
I haven't really travelled much abroad in the last fourteen years, opting for holidays in Cornwall with my young family. But thanks to the success of Meet Me At Wisteria Cottage getting into Sainsbury's, I was able to afford a holiday abroad with my two sons.

I thought this would be a good way to celebrate too and share my success.

I was recommended Atlantica Porto Bello Beach hotel in Kos as it had a water park as part of the all inclusive package.

About to get a drink at the beach bar.

Well, we had a fabulous time. The food was fantastic, the hotel was lovely, the beach, the staff, the water park.... couldn't fault a thing really.

I did tell the kids I was taking a break from real life, meaning no routine, etc. However, I couldn't take a break from parenting, as they were coming with me, but if they could be good as much as possible, so that I didn't have to do the parenting thing too much. Ha ha! And they did. To be honest, they were really well behaved, and I could trust them to keep themselves amused together - especially snorkelling or going down the slides at the water park. The three of us had a huge amount of fun - especially in the water park, which we visited every day! (I had to do each slide at least twice - once with each boy. Being that bit heavier, I made it go faster lol!)

Anyway, our week in Kos will certainly go down as one of our best holidays. I was reminded why I love Greece. The temperature rose to 24 degrees, sometimes a little warmer, but it was a lovely temperature allowing us to do enjoy the warmth but not hide from the sun as you need to in 30-40 degree heat. And I didn't have to worry about them getting burnt as the sun's strength was definitely weaker. I will definitely consider going away in October again.

So, I hope to take the boys away again soon - if I can get another book contract, obviously. And when I do get to take them away again, I won't be half as anxious about it.

Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Hello Again, October

When October arrives I know the year has rapidly flown by. It's my birthday month, this means, I will be one year older soon, and also Christmas is really not that far away.

This year, I am trying not to think about that time of year until I come back from my holiday.

Yes, I said HOLIDAY!

With the success of Meet Me At Wisteria Cottage going into Sainsbury's last year, I am treating me and the boys to a holiday in Kos.

We can not wait.

I am feeling a teeny tiny bit anxious at the thought of being in a foreign country with just the boys. But the complex is all inclusive, so I don't actually have to leave the hotel if I don't want to.

But until after this holiday, the summer is still here, and I am ignoring the fact that Autumn is knocking at our door. I refuse to put the heating on! Jumpers and two pairs of socks if necessary!

I apologise for the lack of blog posts lately. I really have been knuckling down with the writing, but I can confirm, we're all happy and positive in the Morgan household.

I'm working on book two of my Kittiwake Cove series, though how much may get done this month is questionable. It is my birthday month, after all.

Thursday, 23 August 2018

Opening Lines On Jenny Kane's blog

I'm on Jenny Kane's blog with my opening lines to Meet Me At Wisteria Cottage

Follow the link! CLICK HERE

Meet Me At Wisteria Cottage is still only 99p on Amazon UK! So grab your copy fast!

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

One Year Single - Almost

I've been meaning to blog about life and positivity (why does blogger not like this word? MS Word likes it!) and all that.

I wasn't sure whether to wait until I'd officially made it to one year single. That's the 23rd August, by the way. I remember it very clearly - hardly can forget being dumped by text (very suddenly) by the man who swore he loved me.

One day, it will blur to oblivion. Like the others. And he will be insignificant.

It still hurts. And I still catch myself thinking I can't believe he's gone at times. Not as often as I used to though.

Compared to me a year ago, well, I have changed - a lot.

And for the better! (I hope.)

For one, I have been set free! Oh My God! No longer traipsing to his every weekend to sit with his kids, watch him cook, while I drink myself fat! I've done sooooo much in this past year, and have so many more future dates booked with good friends. People who are so important to me will stay firmly placed in importance in my life from now on. (And I feel I have so many people to catch up with, or to continue to stay in touch with but money and time fail me. Boo!)

I have discovered pornstar martinis! I've been to different restaurants, visited friends - near and far. I have had so much fun!

I'm not crying like I was - everyday. Now it might be a bit of a sob at This Is Us. 

And my body is a hell of a lot fitter and so is my mind.

Exercise has helped on both accounts. And the way I look at exercise is that I'm making time for myself.

Even though some mornings I'm thinking why for the love of God am I doing this, I get up earlier to work out (this may change in the winter). I'm lucky to be able to do this now as the boys are older and I can leave them for half hour while I run. I've lost over half a stone without even trying really, just because I've made time to exercise more (including at the weekends because I'm not sat around watching him cook, drinking wine... )

And this exercise then affects my mind. I'm a big believer in healthy body = healthy mind. I'm feeling better about myself. Exercise does release endorphins, natural anti-depressants.

I also think my improved mindset is due to the continuation of writing my three positives a day.

Don't get me wrong, I have my bad days, where my kids are shit, and I'm swearing at them (I don't feel good about this but I get to the point now they're older I can't hold it in - I was probably doing it when they were younger, but they didn't know I was uttering bad words). And I'm more conscious about my rage in the summer with the windows open too! So I tend to feel terrible.

Bad days include when I'm beating myself up that I'm not writing, or I'm doing things I don't want to do (housework is among that - I have so many jobs around this house I need to do and don't make the time to do them). Or I haven't caught up with this friend, or I really want to revisit another. And work 'work' is shit with its stupid pettiness.

But these three positives, each night, make me search hard into my day and they eradicate the negativity.

Okay, so far 2018 has been fairly kind to me - I am waiting for the curve ball. Or was last years enough for me for now? But I've had a book rejected, and had to struggle with editing it and my confidence as a writer. I have money worries - who doesn't as a single parent? Will my car last for another year or two, or three?

Anyway here's to a year being single (almost) and probably another few... because I'm not sure I've actually got time to date yet.

Occasionally I think about it... and then I remember how it brings me down, how it's depressing. Because most of the men on there are idiots. I mean, if that's the best I can get, I'm remaining single!

Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Meet Me At Wisteria Cottage makes Kindle Sale

I was lucky last year to have Meet Me At Wisteria Cottage make it into the Amazon Kindle Summer Sale, and it's done it again this year!

If you fancy a romance, set in Cornwall, then this maybe your book! It's only 99p on Kindle (and currently only £2 in paperback! - I have no clue how long that will last).

It probably means it's been price matched in all the other ebook retailers, so if Amazon isn't your thing, then check out the others!  

Here's the blurb to the book:

A Cornish Escape

After her house is set on fire and her love life is left in tatters, Maddy Hart can't believe her luck when a friend offers her the temporary haven of Wisteria Cottage. Overlooking the turquoise blue waters of the Cornish coast, the fresh air feels like a fresh start for her and her broken heart.
Peeking out of the cosy cottage windows, Maddy's surprised to see her gorgeous but insufferable neighbour Harry Tudor has been employed to landscape the garden. But as the wisteria winding its way around the cottage begins to bloom, an unlikely friendship starts to blossom...

Buy Links: 

Amazon US 

And, to add, Harry was inspired by Henry Cavill. Just in case you needed that image implanted in your brain!

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Book Signing Saturday 7th July 1pm

If you haven't noticed, I'm book signing with fellow romantic novelist (and good friend), Fay Keenan this Saturday at our local Waterstones in Weston-super-Mare!

Please come say hello, we'll be in store from 1pm!

Fay will be signing her debut novel, The Second Chance Tea Shop and I'll be signing Meet Me At Wisteria Cottage. 

Both are contemporary romances. Mine's based in Cornwall, and Fay's is based more locally in Somerset. We both share the love for hunky heroes.

Sunday, 1 July 2018

My Three Positives A Day

I wanted to blog an update of me. I know life can have ups and downs, I look at it like waves sometimes, that you have to ride out.

Almost a year single, at the moment, I think I'm at the happiest I've been in such a long time. Maybe last years shock of the sudden end of a relationship has helped me appreciate what I have today. It's made me focus my attention on the good stuff and the right friends. It's helped me set priorities. What's important, what matters to me?

Since that awful moment, finding myself single again, with the aid of counselling and the support of good friends, I have dusted myself off, picked myself up and I have got on with enjoying life.

At the beginning of the year, I had a blip. I was dating, and getting depressed by it all. Basically, I thought if this is the best I can do, if this is the best men I can attract, I'm staying single. I deleted the online dating account, and have been too busy to look back since.

He (who shall not be named) set me free really. The last couple of months I've been so busy, my weekends full, no longer sat in his house with his kids in-tow, hardly doing anything, and I still am busy for the next few weekends! For example, next week I'm book signing at Waterstones Weston-super-Mare! Come along and say hi!

We are half way through the year, and I feel so positive. And I think I know why.

Last year, when I was at my lowest, my counsellor suggested I wrote at the end of the day 3 positives into a notebook/diary. I found it so useful that I decided to continue this in January, using a diary I'd got given as a birthday present. It's perfect as it's a page a day, giving me plenty of room to write my positives down.

Without fail, every night I fill out this diary. Some days are harder than others to find three positives, but it can be the simple things like we ate tea in the garden or the sun was shining. Sometimes, I have so many positives to write down, I'm adding bonus ones! But each day feels positive. Every day this year, even when I've had a bad day, I can look back on the good stuff. I'm focusing on positivity.

I've been lucky. This year hasn't sent me any curve balls - yet. But by focusing on priorities - keeping fit, my writing, my friends and family - I'm in a good place. I'm trying to worry less about those that don't wish to be in touch. I've done as much as I can now, I'm not forcing my friendship on to anyone anymore. I'm focusing on those that focus on me, making regular dates with my good friends.

The best thing about this is: I'm too busy to date. 😁

I'm writing a series of books now, which will feature happy ever afters. Not sure if I'll get mine... not sure I'm bothered anymore...

So, my advice to you: Focus on the things and people who make you happy, write down those 3 positives a day, and have a Pornstar Martini! (This is my new favourite cocktail).

Life is good.

Thursday, 21 June 2018

Come Fly With Me!

My favourite cocktail; Pornstar Martini
And I'm still neglecting my blog, aren't I?

Last night, after writing up my 3 positives for the day - something I really do need to blog about - I turned off my bedside lamp and thought about my blog. I've got ideas about what I want to write about, but to be honest, the reason I've not been blogging is because I'm editing and writing.

I turned the light back on and emailed myself, deciding that if I made a note of it I would just ignore it. The email is more nagging. And it worked because I'm here blogging.

As you know I work part time and I'm full time mum to two boys too, and although they're growing fast they still need my attention. In the three days I get to write, I try to use as much of that time as possible to write and edit - and not let real life get in the way too much! (Currently I'm editing the first book of what I hope will be a 3 books series). Therefore, the blog is getting neglected, as I'm concentrating my time on the big stuff.

However, what I wanted to say was, I do check into Twitter and Facebook daily, and I could do with more followers, so while I'm quiet over here... please follow me on Twitter I'm @Teresa_Morgan10 and Facebook - Teresa F Morgan! Come fly with me there 😉

Right, back to it then.... oh, but before I go, I will be book signing at Waterstones, Weston-super-Mare on Saturday 7th July.... if you're interested?

Teresa x 

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Sand, Sun, Sea and Surf

Surfer Kieran
Back from my holidays, and I know I've been neglecting my blog, so I thought I would post some photos of my inspiration for Tinners Bay, which is a seaside town that features in most of my books (and I'm in the process of writing a series which Tinners Bay will feature).

Last year we changed our holiday location to Woolacombe, and although we thoroughly enjoyed our holiday, except for the naff weather, we missed the beach.

Woolacombe has a gorgeous beach, but where we were staying meant not being able to visit without taking the car down. It was a bit of a trek, so didn't get there every day, especially as the weather wasn't great.

Surfer Ben
However, in Polzeath, where we stay, the beach is only a short walk. So if it's miserable, we can head down for an hour or two, and if it's glorious sunshine we can stay there all day. High tide was growing later each day, so we ended up being on the beach later each evening actually.

We were on the beach every day!

When we first arrived, and walking the beach, the boys both said, "I've missed Polzeath." And so had I, if truth be told.

Revisiting Polzeath has kind of hit a reset button for me personally too.

I've made myself a promise that I must try to visit each year with the boys, while they're still children at least, and funds permitting. I paid for a surf session for them both, (it'll help with some research for me too) and they took to surfing with surf boards (rather than body boards) easily. In fact, the only reason they came out of the water - other than the boards needing to go back - was because they were bloody knackered!

Anyway, here's some photos I promised. I have put some on my Facebook page, but thought I'd share here too.

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

It's #WisteriaHysteria Season...

Photo by Alison Folwell. 
May is such a beautiful month with the spring flowers, and most importantly, the wisteria.

And currently, we're being really lucky with some fantastic sunshine!

I'm not sure if Amazon are doing this to celebrate the 'wisteria Season', but Meet Me At Wisteria Cottage paperback is currently ONLY £2 on Amazon UK. !

So perfect opportunity to grab a holiday read! Escape to Cornwall...

I've been trying to snap some wisteria where I can, and when out with Fay Keenan for coffee and catch up, and a lot of writing brainstorming, I found a cottage in Winscombe with wisteria too. It could so easily be Wisteria Cottage.

Cottage in Winscombe

Please share your photos of any wisteria! Would love to see them. 

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Fake Friday With Jennifer Ash

Meet Mathilda: The Outlaw’s Ransom

Jennifer Ash

Many thanks for inviting me to your lovely blog to talk a little about my medieval mystery (with a hint of romance), The Outlaw’s Ransom- the first book of ‘The Folville Chronicles.’

Within The Outlaw’s Ransom, my fourteenth century protagonist is a nineteen year old woman called, Mathilda of Twyford. In the medieval period, nineteen was the age of a full grown woman. Most would be married and have children by that age. Mathilda however, is single, as she’s been looking after her father and brothers, running the home and the family pottery business since the death of her mother.

Her life changes abruptly when she is forced to get to know the notorious Folville family rather better than she would have liked. Suddenly, Mathilda finds herself surrounded by criminals and under a very frightening type of suspicion...


When potter’s daughter Mathilda is kidnapped by the notorious Folville brothers as punishment for her father’s debts, she fears for her life. Although of noble birth, the Folvilles are infamous throughout the county for using crime to rule their lands—and for using any means necessary to deliver their distinctive brand of ‘justice’.

Mathilda must prove her worth to the Folvilles in order to win her freedom. To do so, she must go against her instincts and, disguised as the betrothed of Robert de Folville, undertake a mission that will send her to Bakewell in Derbyshire, and the home of Nicholas Coterel, one of the most villainous men in England.

With her life in the hands of more than one dangerous brigand, Mathilda must win the trust of the Folville’s housekeeper, Sarah, and Robert Folville himself if she has any chance of survival.

Never have the teachings gleaned from the tales of Robyn Hode been so useful…


Women in the fourteenth century had to be strong-willed, as well as physically fit, or they’d never have survived. Putting aside the obvious pressures and problems of childbirth, they ran family businesses alongside their men folk, kept the house, dealt with all the food and raised the children. In fact, it all sounds fairly familiar!

I’ve never been keen on the idea of writing weak characters; be they male or female. Such characters frequently fail to hold the interest of a reader, often frustrating you into wishing they’d just grasp the metaphorical nettle and get on with it- whatever, ‘it’ is.

In the case of The Outlaw’s Ransom, it was particularly important for me to have a determined, capable and intelligent female in the driving seat. I wanted Mathilda to not just survive within her enforced hostile environment, but to hold her own and show the Folville brothers that they were dealing with a feisty, clever, woman who could give as good as she got.

Here’s a little taster from when Mathilda – having just been hauled out of the Folville family cell – meets her keeper, Robert de Folville, for the first time.


...The Folville didn’t say anything else, but satisfied himself with watching Mathilda as she stood, half bowed, before him. She wasn’t shaking now. He’d noticed how hard she had fought within herself to still her external reactions to his news of her change in circumstance and had admired her self-control. It was almost as if she had an offended dignity about her rather than terror; an unusual reaction from a prisoner in the presence of a Folville.

He wondered if she’d been taught her letters. Most families didn’t waste their time teaching their womenfolk such things, but Mathilda of Twyford was clearly sharp and capable. With her mother gone, she’d run the household, and he imagined she did that job well. He saw that his family’s plan for this girl might work, but only if she kept that nerve. Otherwise… well, she wouldn’t be the first to die during his family’s quest to maintain their position.

Breaking the silence that had stretched out between them he said, ‘I recall you have questions for me. I can see your head jarring with them.’

‘If I may, my Lord?’

‘You may, although I should caution you, I may not choose to offer a reply.’

Mathilda licked her lips and ran her clammy palms down her grubby belted surcoat, which largely hid her brother’s leather hose, and flexed her numb bare toes.

‘Please, my Lord, who are you?’

This produced a bark of laughter, ‘You are well-mannered despite the indignity of being thrust, if only for a short while, into our cell. I am Robert de Folville, one of seven brothers of this manor.’

Mathilda curtsied, more out of natural impulse than any feelings of reverence towards this man, whom she knew for certain, had been party to at least one murder. ‘You are kin to my Lord Eustace, my Lord?’

‘Yes, girl, I am.’ He cocked his head to one side. ‘That worries you?’

‘He is a man I have been taught to fear, forgive my impudence, my Lord.’

He snorted. ‘I would rather have honest impudence than bluff and lies. So, you have been instructed by your father to be wary of us?’

‘Not only my father, sir.’ Abruptly worried that her boldness might place her family in more danger, Mathilda clamped her mouth shut. Seeing, however, that the Folville wasn’t cross, but had an expression of acceptance on his face, Mathilda braved a further question.

‘Where is my father, my Lord, and Matthew and Oswin, my brothers?’

Robert de Folville paused and, after a moment’s consideration, gestured for the servant boy to bring her a chair. Mathilda was glad to be allowed to sit down, but was puzzled at the equal status she was being afforded after her earlier abuse, as Folville sat next to her, leaning uncomfortably close to her slight, tense frame.

‘Your father and your brother Matthew are at home in Twyford working on ways to pay back your debt. I do not know Oswin’s whereabouts. I am, after all, only one of the younger brothers.’

Mathilda heard the bitterness in him and for the first time, she thought she understood something of this man. Robert de Folville would probably have made a good lord of the manor, but his lot was to be a minor son.

‘You will have heard of the death of Belers almost three years hence?’

‘Yes, my Lord.’ Mathilda spoke softly as she thought back to the day she’d heard first about the murder on Brokesby Field. It may not have happened right on their doorstep, but the frisson of fear the crime had engendered had been felt even in Twyford; such was their closeness to the Folvilles’ manor house; and the waves the crime had created were still leaving ripples these many months later.

He must have read her mind, for Robert slammed his hand against the table, making Mathilda jump. ‘Damn it all girl! Roger Belers was a tyrant! An oppressive, rapacious man who had become a scourge on our county! We did what needed to be done. Hode would have done no less!’

Mathilda said nothing. It was clear he meant exactly what he said. His brothers probably did as well. They evidently believed they were providing a public service. They took their fee for such deeds as wages, just as the sheriff did when he arrested a felon for the King.

Folville leant towards Mathilda earnestly. ‘Did your father ever sing you “The Outlaw’s Song of Trailbaston”, child?’

‘I’ve heard of it, my Lord, but no, I don’t know it as I know the Robyn Hode tunes.’

‘It contains much wisdom, Mathilda. I have no doubt that its great length influenced the author of the Hode stories.’ Robert lounged back in his seat, his arms stretched behind his neck as he began to quote a verse to his captive.

‘You who are indicted, I advise you, come to me,

To the green forest of Belregard, where there is no annoyance

But only the wild animal and the beautiful shade;

For the common law is too uncertain.

What do you say, child?’

Mathilda swallowed again. The ale she’d drunk earlier had been stronger than she was used to. Her head ached, and her throat felt sticky, giving her a thirst worse than before. ‘I believe there is wisdom within, my Lord. I have heard my elders say that the law is contradictory. If we truly have been abandoned by the law, perhaps you are correct to take matters into your own hands – within reason, my Lord.’

Mathilda flinched, expecting her host to strike out. She shouldn’t have said that last bit. Why couldn’t she ever keep her tongue in check? Her directness had always been frowned upon within her family, and now Mathilda was deeply regretting sharing her opinion honestly. She tensed, awaiting the call for a guard to come and throw her back into prison.

It did not come. Folville was peering at her quizzically, ‘You are a curious creature, Mathilda of Twyford. You must realise you have been used to pay off your father’s debts, but you ask nothing of your own future, only theirs. My reverend brother placed you in our cell, and you do not ask why, nor make complaint about your enclosure.’

Mathilda bit her tongue, not wanting to say the wrong thing, despite her desire for answers to the questions he’d posed.

‘Your father told Eustace and the rector that you were headstrong and determined when they collected you. As a result, Richard decreed a spell in our holding cell to soften you to our will.’ Robert snorted into his mug of ale. ‘He obviously never bothered to take the time to speak to you himself before he acted. A fact about my holy brother that astounds me not one jot.’

Mathilda stared hard at the floor. The glimmer of a first smile since her kidnap was trying to form at the corner of her mouth, and she felt guilty for its presence.

She could feel Robert’s blue eyes burning into the top of her bowed head. As he said, ‘Your father vouched to Eustace that you have qualities more suited to a man than to the gentler sex. It seems you are happier in the river or fields than the house and only run the home as it is your duty as a woman.’

Giving no reply, Mathilda was glad Robert wasn’t able to see her face, as she was unable to prevent the crimson blush of shame that came as she heard how her father had described her. Not only was she ashamed, she felt indignant. She’d worked ceaselessly to run the house, the remaining furlong and the orchard as successfully as her mother had done, even though it was a task she didn’t enjoy and frequently resented.

‘Well, Mathilda of Twyford, I will tell you what Eustace has demanded of your father...’


If that has whetted your appetite- then here are those all important buy links!



(Please note that if you have read Romancing Robin Hood by Jenny Kane and Jennifer Ash- then you will already be familiar with the story with The Outlaw’s Ransom)

Many thanks for inviting me to stop by today Teresa.

Happy reading,

Jennifer x


With a background in history and archaeology, Jennifer Ash should really be sat in a dusty university library translating Medieval Latin criminal records, and writing research documents that hardly anyone would want to read. Instead, tucked away in the South West of England, Jennifer writes stories of medieval crime, steeped in mystery, with a side order of romance.

Influenced by a lifelong love of Robin Hood and medieval ballad literature, Jennifer has written The Outlaw’s Ransom (Book One in The Folville Chronicles) – a short novel, which first saw the light of day within the novel Romancing Robin Hood (written under the name Jenny Kane; Pub. Littwitz Press, 2018).

Book Two of The Folville Chronicles - The Winter Outlaw - will be released in April 2018. (pub. LittwitzPress)

All of Jennifer and Jenny Kane’s news can be found at



Jennifer Ash

Jenny Kane

Friday, 30 March 2018

Thou Shall Not Chase

Maybe I should title this the trials and tribulations of a dating single mum...

I mean, when I am messaging some guy I hope to date, my eleven year old is looking over my shoulder and asking "who am I texting?"

"Just a friend." *lie mode cancel*

I just don't have that many friends, let alone ones that text me regularly. The day he realises this I am rumbled.

When someone does start texting me regularly I actually have to put my phone on silent so that the kids don't get too curious.

So, yeah, I've ventured, on and off, again, with the online dating malarkey thing.

I'm a sucker for punishment. Obviously.

And it's nice to get a text message, to feel wanted, that someone has thought about you enough to message.

However, it's a game half the time.

But I've got to start somewhere, right?

The thing is, I'm not even sure I'm ready. I get bored with it quickly - well, men, I get bored with men. And I don't mean in a slutty way. Nope, I just get bored with the messaging, or when they don't message, or when the messages have clearly been sent by their dick... In the end I'm doing the Jessica Jones eye roll gif. Yeah, you've seen the one!

A conversation with a very wise friend recently, she confirmed what I already knew - as she's been on the planet a bit longer than me - men really do think with their dicks.

I just now need to remember this - always!

I've now got a trust issue (thanks to my previous relationship - insert Jessica Jones Eye Roll Gif again)... I mean, when dating, messaging, whatever, I'm thinking; does he just want sex, is he a player, or is he genuinely looking for a long-term relationship? Or will he say he wants long-term, and just leave once he's done with me.

The ones that appear genuine I don't fancy.  They're not unattractive but I just don't fancy them! There isn't the spark! I really want there to be but it isn't there. And they're real sweethearts and I've got to turn them down for another date.

And go back on that bloody app!

Then there are ones I find attractive, but there can't be much of an interest for them... because they don't even message me back! Really should just stick to my Thou Shall Not Chase, and let the guys message me first.

The other ones I do find attractive, that there is a spark, I'll be like, is he a player, will he bolt at the first argument, can I actually trust he's genuine?

There is so much I want to put on my profile, but it'll make me look bitter and twisted, and insight inappropriate comments probably. But I just don't want to play games, and Thou Shall Not Chase!

What I have discovered also is the double standards. Guys want pretty women, with a great figure who keep themselves fit, yet they're not exactly 'fit' themselves (when I come to meet them). They have the nerve to tell me they don't find overweight women attractive... but when I'm meet them, they are overweight themselves! Now, I'm not looking for someone who is obsessed with the gym. I just want someone who takes health and fitness seriously.

Also, all these men are looking for strong minded, independent, interesting women... but they actually don't know what to do with one once they've got her. Heaven forbid she disagrees with them. (Oh, they'll walk out of a perfectly good relationship... that's what they'll do...) Really, they want doormats... only they don't find them attractive.

So do you want to know why I write romance? Because like I have on my website profile, let's face it. men in reality don't exist like the heroes in books. And occasionally, us women like to meet men who don't constantly think with their dick... These men can be found in books.

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

The Clean Shave Debate

Okay, so I've returned to the online dating scene. (What can I say, I'm a glutton for punishment.)

At one point I did have on my profile I was considering waiting until beards were out of fashion.

Most of the men - because it's the trend I assume and not because they're lazy - either have beards or stubble. But I am not a fan of facial hair - so I'm finding it hard to find guys to date.

Some guys wear it well, I won't argue that... It can look rather sexy... that's okay until you come to intimacy and you've got sensitive skin. How many men actually groom their beard/stubble?

Personally, I think it ages a man's face... so I empathise with guys in their twenties trying to ditch a baby face if they have one. But I'm not dating those... I'm looking for men in their forties. (Who look then much older with a beard *insert eye roll emoji*)

Anyway, my preferences aside, I was thinking the other day, as I was editing my latest novel, do readers prefer the heroes to be clean shaven or with facial hair?

I write all my heroes clean-shaven, basically because I prefer my men clean-shaven. Nothing like kissing a freshly shaved face. Lips softer, less grazing, and usually the smell of soap or aftershave... mmmm.... I don't want my heroine, like me, left with stubble rash and a red raw face.

So readers, when you're reading romance - do you like your heroes clean-shaven? Or have you not thought about it before? I'd love to know your preferences.

And romance writers - do you write your heroes with or without facial hair?

And I'd love to know how you combat kissing a man with stubble in reality! So tell me your secrets!

(On this note it will give me an excuse to post two pictures of Tom... clean or stubble?

Do you have a celebrity you prefer clean or not?)

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Photos From The Weston Literary Festival

This Is What A Romance Writer Looks Like! 

It's been a week since Fay Keenan, Jan Ellis, Alison Knight and myself sat in front of an audience and discussed our writing methods, our inspirations and how we deal with negative reviews etc.

Sadly, the snow started falling quite heavily around 5pm and so this put some off attending the event. But we had approximately twenty people listening intently, and asking great questions! It was a fabulous night!

These sorts of events really help me recognise to myself that I am a writer, I have had books published. What I do is real!

This event was great for our own self-esteem and confidence about our writing experiences. The evening gave all four of us a real buzz! It was interesting to listen to Alison, Fay and Jan about their methods and preparations for creating a book.

Hopefully the Weston-super-Mare Literary Festival will take place yearly and we'll be on board again! Brilliant fun!

Thank you Zoe Scott for your amazing organisational skills in putting this event together and making it such a success!

Anyway, I've shared some photos of the event.

Sadly, Jenny Kane couldn't make it due to illness. She was missed dreadfully, but hopefully she'll make it next year!