Thursday, 28 February 2013

Shirtless Thursday Begins

How long I'll keep this blog post up is unknown to me. I suppose while there is shirtless pictures out there, then I have enough material to post.

This one I got from Pinterest.

Cowboy... without his shirt, or hat. I really do like this picture. Hopefully it will spur some inspiration in us, yes?

At the very least, it's a good start to Thursday. Almost the weekend...

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

How Do I Get My PC Out Of Its Box?

Today I scrolled down my Facebook wall to see at least three writers comment on how many words they'd managed to type that morning.

This sent me into some sort of depressed state really.

I know I need to get back into the 'Writing'. I can't say I want to be a writer, have a published book if I do nothing to work towards it. However, although I am loving my cosy little house, there always seems to be something that needs doing. I need to get into a routine with the housework (and I'm talking the basic stuff like washing and ironing which needs to be done, not even talking about the C word - cleaning), a routine with the boys, with actual work that helps pay the bills etc. To work out exactly when I should be writing.

My PC is still in its box. *insert sad face* And so I am relieved I have my laptop. *insert happy face*

I've seen the furniture I would like for the lounge, however, I've realised that I can't order it until I've cleared the boxes in the lounge. The contents of these boxes (including my PC) will be going on/in the new bookshelves/furniture. Hmmmm... Yes, see, this is my problem. Where to put these boxes so that the furniture can be built? My already bulging garage is probably not the best place.

And then we come to the writing. I need to edit The Wedding Favour. I can't leave it. Then I need to edit Perfect Isn't An Option too, so that I can send it back to the RNA New Writers' Scheme. But that doesn't inspire me to get back into 'Writing'. Actual writing does. So what the hell should I write about to get me out of these doldrums? A short story? Another novel? Or my memoir? What do you actually put in a memoir?

Thursday, 21 February 2013

I've Thought Of A Blog Post Idea

I've thought of something that will be inspirational for us writers, a motivational image. Something to blog about regularly.

Over on the lovely Facebook, a writer friend of mine posted a shirtless fireman. And obviously I had to share it too. I had another friend regularly posting Fireman Friday, which I used to share, but now I'm wondering whether to make a Shirtless Thursday post. Because I do like shirtless men. Don't you? Obviously for inspirational purposes as a writer!

One problem, all my lovely photos of shirtless men are on my PC, which is still packed away in its box :-( (I must fix that soon). Oh, what a shame, I will have to trudge through the internet to find you shirtless men every Thursday.

Anyway, it's only fair... here's the shirtless fireman (Or a man dressed as a shirtless fireman lol!)

That burning building was HOT!

I'll try to make sure I post next Thursday another shirtless picture. Otherwise remind me!

Also, as a side note, I'm going to turn on the word/number verification thing for posting comments. I'm getting too much SPAM :-( Let me know if this does cause problems though. Teresa x 
And you don't need to be a writer to post a comment. All are welcome.

Monday, 18 February 2013

Half-Term Antics

As my kids go back to school this week, I notice that others over the country are off for their half-term. The school holidays with my kids are sacred to me, even more so now that I don't see them at the weekends.

I've always tried to make sure we get a few day trips in during the holidays. Everything to add to their memory box as I call it. Something to look back on, reminisce.

February half-term is a difficult one to fill with fun. It's usually cold and wet. This February half-term was no different. But my mum visited, and we had a trip to the cinema, plus played board games like Scrabble. Ben loved it, and I also felt it was a little educational, helping him with his spelling.

On Thursday (14th February), the best day of the week for weather, we went to Slimbridge. I've added Dad to my membership now, as he likes coming with me, and the four of us ventured to the Wetlands to feed the birds. The paths are fine, but when the boys went off the beaten track they did get a bit muddy. Oh yeah, just a bit. Good job I found the wellies. (In the end I had to let them just be boys lol!)

They were given the choice of steam trains or Slimbridge, and it was nice that they both wanted to go to Slimbridge. I worry they may bore of the birds. We will save the steam trains for Easter.

This time we found two hides that were suitable for the kids to visit. (Trying to get them to be quiet whilst serious bird watchers are trying to take photos and 'watch' rare birds is very stressful. Kids just don't get the word 'quiet'.)

We sat and watched blue tits and woodpeckers feed from bird feeders, and then we found a warm 'hide' where we could watch swans, geese and various varieties of ducks on the lakes.

But their favourite bit is that they are able to feed the birds.

I put the boys in their thermals, so there was no fear of them ever complaining they were cold. But to be honest, when the sun came out, it was a lovely, mild February day. God, I hope that isn't our summer over already!

(I apologise for my lack of blog posting - been meaning to post for a couple of days now). 

Thursday, 7 February 2013

I Found The Wellies!

My lounge, which looks slightly better than this now.
And the boys colouring books... and my two novels... oh, and many other things.

I do still have boxes. And until I get the storage/furniture ideas in place, I reckon some of it will have to remain in boxes. But a trip to Ikea soon might fix the lounge situation. I think I've seen something that will nicely incorporate plenty of shelving and a desk, so my PC can come out of its box.

Plus I was talking sheds with Dad today, and have an idea on the one I want to buy. The garage is a little tidier and organised, although there is still a lot of boxes. Empty and full ones. Maybe this post should read I am still 'surrounded by cardboard'.

My kitchen, taken from my webcam :D
I have learnt with living in a smaller home to optimise storage. My understairs cupboard is now my study. It contains my little filing cabinet and my drawers that were in my study. This helps with containing all the important stuff, like bills etc. and stationery. Plus, it's created shelving in which my 'writing' stuff is being stored. It has allowed me to get my files out. I will get another shelf in there too, and it will be perfect. I've put my pen pots in there too. Heaven.

You see I like to be tidy on the outside, and in this smaller, cosier house, I need to hide my shit. My study in my old house was where the crap got hidden.

My kitchen is the most organised 'room' in the house, though the 'dining' end still has a box I don't know what to do with. I have a large cupboard this end too, and it is rammed. This is what happens when you go from a big kitchen to a small one, I suppose.

Anyway, I thought I would report in. Slowly getting there, and one day I might actually start writing again. (At least I'm blogging - it's making me feel like I still have my toe dipped in the water). Do I start with trying to write a short story, or get back to the editing? I need to start making time for writing again. And at the moment it worries me that it feels like an impossible feat.

In other news: I'm in Writer's Forum issue #136 if you haven't seen.