Tuesday, 27 September 2016

All Part of The Writing Process

Next month is my birthday month... but then, now we're in the sign of Libra, I wonder, is this the start of my birthday month? Should I include the middle of September? Should I start celebrating now?

I have a lot of friends who share their birthday in the 'Libra' month (or their children do) with me. We're all fabulous people. However, I'm trying to work out why there are so many of us. My calculations makes New Years Eve too early and February's Valentines' too late. Unless of course, as babies we either arrived late or early... depending on when we were conceived...

And as you can see, I have also been neglecting my blog. I even need to send something off for someone else's blog, but have failed to do that too. The email is in my inbox to remind me.

With birthday looming, basically, on my writing days, I've tried as hard as possible to concentrate on my writing. It's safe to say I've been neglecting the housework. Book three needs to be finished and over to my editor by November (we agreed). And now I have an agent, it means it needs to go through them first too.

I know I won't get much done around my birthday, and October half-term is then rapidly approaching, where I definitely won't get anything done. Therefore, I'm aiming for this week, next week at the latest to send over my manuscript to my agent.

The powers of modern day technology means I can upload it to my kindle, and read it through from there. This is what I'm doing this week, noting any nitpicks that need altering, or a blinding obvious spelling mistake or typo. I've found "mine" and it should be "mind" for example.

It felt weird putting my feet up today, reading my book on my kindle. But it is part of the writing process. Honest.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

First September Blog Post

So it's September, the six weeks flew by, the kids are back at school, and I'm trying to get back into the routine, although it's a new routine, with one at a different school. 

I need to be writing. So that's what I will be doing. I need to finish this third book! I had a great meeting with my editor way back in the beginning of August, and now I need to deliver this thing.

Therefore I will apologise if my blog posting is few and far between this month. 

My third book now has a working title of Meet Me at Wisteria Cottage... (although you never know, it may still change). But this is the title I'm working towards, and trying to incorporate into the book itself. 

At first I was thinking of calling it Lilac Cottage, as I love all things purple. However, the house I grew up in was called Wisteria, although it never had any of the bush attached to it when I was there, I always imagined it must have once.

I just love the colour of this flower. Wisteria gives the imagery of lilac and purples, and pretty floral scents, and I think it sounds mysterious too. 

Therefore it's the inspiration for the name of the cottage, and I've seen beautiful houses draped with wisteria and just loved it.  I know it flowers usually April/May but I was at my aunt and uncle's over the holidays, on the Isle of Wight, and their wisteria was having another blossom in August.

So you know where I am if I'm not posting frequently... I'm at Wisteria Cottage...