Sunday, 19 August 2012

Another Draft Down...

This is a great feeling, one that almost makes me want to crack open that Champagne bottle.

A finished novel.

But not yet, I tell myself. I'm saving that damn bottle chilling in the fridge for when I get my first signed contract, or sell my first piece of writing. Anything from a short story or article to a novel. (It will more than likely be a novel as that's what I'm working on most though - I just hope Champagne doesn't go off, I could be waiting a while yet).

So yes, I'm elated! *whoop whoop* *does happy dance* Perfect Isn't An Option is finished, and printed, and waiting in a padded envelope for me to take to the Post Office early tomorrow morning. It will be winging its way by snail mail (not Owl Post) to the RNA New Writers' Scheme.

And the palaver* I've had getting this darn thing printed today! I tell you, it's a relief! (*See Facebook or Twitter)

But I know it's not finished finished. One, because I've already received some feedback through my writing group, and two, I know I will get some feedback from the RNA NWS which will mean another editing session.

It is also sitting around 68,000 words and that is not long enough for a contemporary romance. I need over 70,000 words for the publishers I want to approach. However, I believe the feedback I will receive will help in the increase of wordage. Liz, from my 'underground' writing group (as we jokily call it) has given me some good feedback which certainly would mean expanding the storyline a little. 

So can't quite crack the champagne open yet, but I will, however, have a celebratory glass of wine!

And now the exciting stuff, I get to start writing something new. I'm wondering to write my Vampire, but then I do have a fireman... hmmm...  Although, hang on a minute, there is that little novel called The Wedding Favour begging for some attention. Oh, yeah.

I'm off to my Mum's with the boys at the end of the week, and spending the last week of the summer holidays with her. I think, knowing how hard it is to concentrate on writing with the kids home, I'm going to take a two week break, use the time to hopefully catch up on some reading, and September, when the kids are back at school, start on my revise and resubmit to the publisher who contacted me in June. 

Does that sound like a plan, or does that sound like a plan?

I can still brainstorm my next story.... (I'm eager to write again), right, now where's that glass of wine?

(You know what this means - I've written two, yes TWO, novels now.) *squee*

celebratory "Magic Mike" picture - yum!

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Every Woman Needs A Guy Like Ratty

I’m extremely excited. Ever since reading Starting Over by Sue Moorcroft (January last year), I’ve been extremely fond of the hero, Ratty.  He’s my favourite hero of Sue Moorcroft’s books, (closely followed by Martyn Mayfair) and possibly my favourite hero I’ve read so far – and he has joined me on my blog!

Sue is up to her eyes in ‘writing related activities’ (as I call it) so she sent Ratty along for an interview instead. 

So a warm welcome and a bit of a ‘Squee’ to Ratty!

Hi Teresa,

Thanks for inviting me onto your blog. It’s great that you remember me so fondly, as it’s a while since I hit the scene. I’ll answer your questions below.

  • What is the favourite of your tattoos? Where is it and why did you had it done?
My favourite is on my left forearm and it’s a milestone with the words ‘One Miles’. For this to make sense, you have to remember that my name’s actually Miles Arnott-Rattenbury. In fact, there’s not only one Miles – but there’s probably only one like me. Why would I have tattoos? I like body art when it’s well done and means something. I have a car wheel on my shoulder and a Porsche on my other arm to represent one of the first cars I rebuilt and made serious money on. If I had all the cars that I like then I’d be the world’s most tattooed man.

  • And if you were to have a new tattoo what would you have, and where would you have it?

Musical notes, I think, because I play guitar. Maybe on a musical stave that encircles my bicep. (I may have this work done, now I’ve thought about it. It would look hot.)

On you, Ratty, I have no doubt it will look hot!

  • What would your ideal date with Tess be (whether she'd actually like to do it or not)? Candle lit dinner in a posh restaurant, drag racing at Santa Pod or something else?

A weekend at the Monte Carlo grand prix. You can get really close to the Formula 1 cars as they scream round and a family friend has an apartment there so we’d have somewhere civilised to retreat to when we needed alone time. I’m big on alone time … Tess isn’t as interested in cars as I am but her new commission is for a kids’ book about a racing car, so she’d be busy drawing. I love to watch her draw. She’s such a talent and she gets so intensely interested in what she does. The Monte Carlo parties would be excellent.

If Tess doesn’t want to go, could you take me... please? 

  • Your garage is burning down, and you can only save one item - what would it be?

Are all the people out already? I love my cars but I would need to get my friends out. I would want my tool chest if I could get it, because it holds all the tools I’ve been buying all my life. It’s a big metal one on wheels so I think I’d stand a good chance.

Very good to think of the people first!

  • If you weren't restoring old cars, what would your next best job be?

Wow. I’ve never even thought about it because I’ve been so focused on bringing those beautiful cars back to life. Maybe I could get work with a racing team. I’d love to be involved with the drama and everything – so long as I could get back to base often.

  • Where’s your favourite place in the world?


  • What do you love?

Good friends to hang out with, beautiful women, music, fast and/or beautiful cars, fun, jeans. Making money. Surprising people. Kids. Things that make me laugh.

  • And last but not least, what do you hate?
Injustice. Pretentious prats, suits, cruelty. Hypocrisy. Making money at any cost.

Wow, thanks, Ratty. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I wish you and Tess much happiness together.  So there you are girls, Miles Arnott-Rattenbury aka Ratty can be found in Starting Over by Sue Moorcroft.

Sue’s latest book, Dream A Little Dream will be out in November! Sue will be here in November to talk about her latest hero. I can’t wait.

And if you're interested, my review to Starting Over is here on Goodreads. 

Monday, 6 August 2012

Book Review: Higher Ground by Becky Black

Higher GroundHigher Ground by Becky Black

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is my favourite of Becky Black's books so far!

I really like Adam. Really like him. Damn shame he's gay! There really is a sense of opposites attract with this couple. Laid back charmer Adam vs. impatient Zach.

Zach and Adam dream of a future together, but do they have one if they don't get rescued? I just loved the concept of the race against time, and everything to lose, including lives.

There's a good level of humour, conflict and tension in this book, plus m/m sex - of course!

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Saturday, 4 August 2012

Book Review: Breaking The Ice by Mandy Baggot

Breaking the IceBreaking the Ice by Mandy Baggot

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The hero of this book is mouth wateringly warm, even if he is on ice. The heroine is a bit scatty actually. And although it did add to the humour, and I would empathise with her, at times I did get annoyed with her too. 

As a self-published book, this story could have done with a better edit. There were some grammatical errors and the avoidance of the word 'said', plus too much dialogue tagging in places, which slowed the pace down. This is the reason I've given it three stars. However, as I got more into the book, the author has a fun voice, shares witty humour, and I did really enjoy the tone of the story.

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