Monday, 29 July 2013

My First Radio Interview

When I first moved to Weston-super-Mare I joined my local hospital radio station, Sunshine Radio (February 1999 to be exact). It was a way for me to make new friends, especially as I wasn't having a lot of luck enjoying the different jobs I seemed to be going from one to the other. It was about doing something for me.

A couple of years in, the President and Vice President made me an honorary member so that I could never really leave the organisation. It worked! I think it was to do with how much I did do for the station at the time. I was on the committee for a few years as secretary and treasurer - for my sins!

Sadly, as I had my two boys, it grew harder to commit to the station.

Last weekend it was the station's 35th birthday, and Steve Ledbrook, a presenter from my time and still there today, invited me onto his show to talk about my time as a radio presenter and ward-rounder, and about my new book. I snapped up the opportunity because I thought it would be good practise to talk about my writing - who knows, I might get to go on other radio stations. Hint, hint. Plus, I really wanted to support the station.

I felt very nostalgic to be back in the studio, sitting on the visitor side. I do miss manning the radio desk! Amazing that I did once know how to operate it. I used to love the fact I could play my favourite songs, talk to myself and hopefully be entertaining the patients of Weston General Hospital.

I wasn't nervous - I couldn't wait for the mic live sign to turn red! I used to be nervous. But I reminded myself that Sunshine Radio might have about ten listeners that day, not ten thousand... like bigger radio stations. Steve and I talked for the whole hour, playing only six songs in between. He played five of my favourites that I used to play as a presenter. The hour flew by!

It was great fun! And I can recommend a radio interview. You don't have to worry about what you look like, just talk. That's what the listeners want.

Thank you Steve and Sunshine Radio for having me. And yes, I'm happy to come back once my book is published.

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Summer Holidays Are In Full Swing

Therefore I will be a little quiet on my blog. The boys are playing late, while I type away - it is the holidays! I'm trying to decide whether to take them out tomorrow or not, but they seem happy to stay at home. So I'm wondering if I should save the day trips for later on in the holidays when they are bored of the house.

In the meantime, to keep myself busy on my blog, I am trying to line up some awesome authors to come visit my blog.

Here's my guest list so far:

Rachel Brimble, who is the organiser of my RNA Chapter group. Rachel Lyndhurst who has become a good writing buddy of mine. Annalisa Crawford said she'd pop by too. I've just got to pull my finger out and send them over some questions.

In the meantime I await my line edits for my d├ębut novel.... which actually might get a name change. After three years of calling it The Wedding Favour, it may get something a bit more chick-lit-ee.

I even have a publication date we're aiming for, so it's all getting exciting. I won't announce anything just yet... just watch this space!

Enjoy the sunshine! I'm sure it won't be around for much longer...

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

I'm Walking On Sunshine

I need Katrina and the Waves blasting through my house. Such a happy song for my ecstatic mood!

Contract signed... this is really really happening. But I'm not allowed to announce the publisher. (So to all my friends and family who do know, keep it under your hat and off the internet please!)

They like to do that by announcing newly assigned writers. So it makes it even more exciting. I'm not sure I can get any more excited! But Oh My God, The Wedding Favour will be coming to an eReader near you very soon. I'm going to be plastered all over the internet! I'm going to be on Amazon!

I can't wait!

Right, off to do some editing. Let the hard work begin. I don't care if I'm chained to my PC for the next 8 weeks. It will all be worth it. To all my friends and family... do not panic, I am alive and I love you all. I'm just going to be very busy.

I need to go change a load of bio's too... delete that bit about not being published. Whoop!

I don't actually think I will really believe this is happening to me until I see it. It's my book cover I'm excited about. What will it look like? Deep down I'd like wedding favours on it... sugared almonds.

(Gosh, when I saw this free picture from Shutterstock I knew it would be perfect to use for The Wedding Favour. Heart shaped umbrellas, whatever next.)

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

My Ultimate Favourite Hero

As I'm not able to jump up and down and shout about who I'm publishing The Wedding Favour with... because I haven't signed the contract yet, and don't want to jinx anything, but thought I better blog about something. Here, I am talking about my favourite hero!

No it is not an excuse to post lots of lovely pictures of Henry Cavill... honest.

Superman, aka the Man of Steel is my ultimate hero. He has a strength no other man has and his heart is good. Lois Lane was extremely lucky to have this guy looking out for her.

I grew up as Superman being played by Christopher Reeve. And I will always love his renditions. Looking back, the films were probably a bit cheesy, but then it was for kids, and in the 70s and 80s that was the style of films.

I even enjoyed watching the entire series of Lois and Clark. Dean Cain being another very handsome Superman alternative. I was 20 years old when this started showing, and was hooked to the TV weekly.

A few years back they did bring out another Superman film, and it was to follow on from Superman 2 of the Christopher Reeve film. It was good... but I wasn't as impressed with it, like I was Man of Steel.

Henry Cavill - did I tell you he's British? - had moments where he looked like Christopher Reeve actually. The film is excellent, but maybe more sci-fi than some might like, as it takes the story of the first two Superman films. It actually gives us much more insight into Krypton and General Zod. I loved it! But this man did help...

Yes, so okay, this blog post was an excuse to put up lots of pretty pictures of Henry Cavill... I can see him being my next inspiration (in looks) for a hero.

Who's your favourite hero, and why?

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Time For A Change

I thought I would just do a very quick blog post to say I've updated my website. I was not happy with the site I was using. It was not very easy to use and felt very limited. Anyway, I've given Weebly ago and so far I like. 

It was free, so it doesn't mean I have to stick with it. If I have more time I might check out other suggestions that were given to me. But I have a feeling I'm going to be very busy over the next few weeks as - gosh I'm so excited - I may well have sold The Wedding Favour! Whooop! And there is talk of turning it around in 8 weeks, to get it out for summer and the wedding season. (Bouncing off the walls here.)

But that, ladies and gentlemen, is another blog post :D (I won't really believe it until I've signed the contract, and I don't want to jinx it so I'm not saying too much right now).

In the meantime, let me know what you think about my website! Oh, and check out Becky Black's interview too! And over on Becky's website talking about me here!

Check them all out!

I may have overused the exclamation mark in this blog post... but I don't care!

In another post, I want to talk about this man, too.