Wednesday, 24 February 2016

I May Be A Dreamer...

But I'm a realist too.

I know that I'm not going to meet Mr Right immediately. Some may only be Mr Right Now.

Each day I'm participating in the online dating game, each day I am learning. My friend even said yesterday I'm so much better at it than I was two years ago.

I am trying not to over think past the first date. But this can be hard, when the end goal is I'm trying to find a suitable relationship, and in your forties, you don't want to be wasting time. It's so much different, than when you were in your twenties!

I still do over think to a certain extent, but I've learnt with recent 'dates' that the no "sexting" rule is a very good idea until you actually meet in person. Then, if you still fancy one another, then it's quite fun!

I had a date on Sunday, and all week we'd been texting and we seemed to be on the same page. He made me laugh a lot. We were both very sarcastic but I discouraged too much flirting... and thank the stars I did. Our first date went well, so I thought. However, once he'd arrived home and text me there wouldn't be a second date.

Which is fair enough. If I'm not for him... then I'm not for him. (I still got the let's be friends text though - why do men do that?)

And so back to the drawing board...

I really have got to write a book containing online dating. The stuff I'm getting is cracking... although I do wonder if they'd believe it in a book.

I received this the other day... From now on, the no-hopers will all be known as DIYdavey.

Yes, unfortunately, there are a lot out there, just like DIYdavey that believe this approach is the way to woo a woman...

There are so many things wrong with the above. Firstly, it's Pride and Prejudice! (If you're going to insult me do your research first).

I didn't respond. I've learnt this actually encourages these morons further. If I had replied it would have gone along the lines of I'd rather die a miserable old hag, all the same, DIYdavey...