Thursday, 8 December 2011

Advent Calendar: Day 8

I was a huge fan of Lost, season one having me hooked. However, I wasn't sure if I liked how they ended it. I was disappointed. It was almost as bad as Bobby Ewing coming out of the shower in Dallas, and Pam had been dreaming the past couple of years, or however long it was.

On the plus side with Lost we did get Sawyer, and every girl loves a bad boy. (Yes you do!)

Sawyer was a complicated hero. Usually out for himself, he would end up being the good guy. Or looking like the good guy, even when he's being the bad guy. He was witty and funny, too. He almost always had the best lines on the show.

8th December 

Yep - nothing Christmassy about these pictures, but oh boy, wouldn't you like to find him in your stocking?


  1. Yes please!!!

    What a great way to start the day :)

    And I agree about Lost. I loved the show but the ending wasn't as great as it could have been.

  2. I never watched Lost - I see I was missing out! Although I'm yearning for sunshine and beaches now :-(

  3. The only thing on Lost that was lovelier than Sawyer was Richard Alpert's eyes :-)

  4. Yes, I think it left many fans disappointed, Xandra.

    Annalisa, it is worth a watch. The concept is fun. Just the last series, more the ending, is a disappointment. Sawyer isn't the only eye candy either. But he was certainly my favourite.

    Sarah, yes, Richard's eyes! He was rather handsome, too.

  5. Ah, Sawyer. There's only one thing to say about Sawyer. Phwoooaarrr!

  6. Agreed. Phwoooaaarrrr!!!! He was my favourite. That is for sure.


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