Saturday, 16 April 2016

The Six Date Rule

Yes, I know usually it's a three date rule, i.e. that you'll last out until the third date before sleeping with the guy. (If you needed it clarified).

Well, after last summer, my good friend set me a six date rule. She hoped this would help protect my heart and self-esteem, as I tend to fall too quickly, or get carried away with it all, to then get dumped fairly quickly after they've had want they wanted. I then tend to start feeling like I was a bad person, and my friend has to reassure me that I am not.

The idea is if a guy likes you that much, he will wait. And it will give you time, too. And if a guy has waited that long, maybe he'll take the whole relationship idea a bit more seriously too... It's a theory, anyway.

As you know, I'm way too honest for my own good, and I've told a couple of guys that I've dated I'm on a 'six date rule'. So far of the four dates I've had this year... they've only lasted the one date. lol!

At first I thought maybe I shouldn't be so honest. But actually, it's done me some favours. I mean, if the guy is THAT hot, I'll want to jump into bed with him immediately anyway, and the six date rule will keep my head focussed for a bit longer... I may not last the six dates... (but I don't know yet, haven't really met anyone I've wanted to sleep with immediately to test it). In other ways, it does help me out. Of a couple of dates, I knew there wasn't really the chemistry there, so the six date rule makes a good excuse. "Oh, I couldn't possibly sleep with you on the second date... I'm on a six date rule." You get the idea.

And those just after sex, well, it's weeded those out too... because they certainly don't want to invest time and effort into six dates...

I don't think guys get that most women can't just jump into bed with them. For women, on a whole, with sex there needs to be a mental/intellectual meeting of the minds, as well as the physical. And usually, if the minds meet, the physical attraction grows.

So if you're looking for an excuse to not jump into bed with someone, or you want to test whether a guy will wait, and feels you're worth it, (and isn't out for just one thing) give yourself a six date rule.

Rules can be broken, I mean if Henry Cavill turned up screw the rule....

from Henry Cavill Fanpage

But for all those others, the rule might just help....