Tuesday, 22 May 2018

It's #WisteriaHysteria Season...

Photo by Alison Folwell. 
May is such a beautiful month with the spring flowers, and most importantly, the wisteria.

And currently, we're being really lucky with some fantastic sunshine!

I'm not sure if Amazon are doing this to celebrate the 'wisteria Season', but Meet Me At Wisteria Cottage paperback is currently ONLY £2 on Amazon UK. !

So perfect opportunity to grab a holiday read! Escape to Cornwall...

I've been trying to snap some wisteria where I can, and when out with Fay Keenan for coffee and catch up, and a lot of writing brainstorming, I found a cottage in Winscombe with wisteria too. It could so easily be Wisteria Cottage.

Cottage in Winscombe

Please share your photos of any wisteria! Would love to see them.