Monday, 23 May 2016

Need Help in my Thunderclap Campaign

I helped support a couple of other writers with their Thunderclap campaigns, and thought I'll take a look how it works.... the next thing I know, I have a campaign that will run if I get full support by 100 people by the 4th June :-O

So can you help? Do you mind Thunderclap posting my campaign on your social media?

If so, please, please, please, click on the link below, and click support. Thunderclap should do the rest. It's a way to advertise for free... it's a fantastic idea, and I just really want to see if this works.

Thank you in advance for your support, Teresa x

My Thunderclap Campaign - Plus One is a Lucky Number

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Grateful For The Little Things

Friends keep asking me how the dating is going, and I have to reply, it's not, basically.

I've disabled/hidden my online dating profiles - again! I've been finding the whole thing rather depressing... on the whole, I've been thinking is that the best I can do? Some like the DIYDaveys just insult my intelligence, and have quite clearly not read my profile.

A couple of weeks ago, tulips in full bloom.
I don't want to sound like I have my head up my arse, or anything like that, and I don't like hurting people's feelings, but some of these guys really are punching above their weight. I'm fairly attractive, and intelligent, and I need someone like-minded on health and fitness sides of things... and some of these guys are not fitting into that criteria, at all!

"How R U finding this sight?" 

Hmmm... my vision is great thanks.
Taken a couple of weeks ago

And to be honest, I'm so happy with my life at the moment. It would be nice to share it with someone, but I'm not settling, and I'm actually rather busy. I have found so much more time to exercise, write... and catch up with friends for coffee.

I know life likes to send a curve ball, I'm waiting patiently for mine, however at the moment everything is great. I've got a hot holiday booked in the summer with a friend and I can't wait for that! I love my house, I love it so much, and this time of year, I'm reminded how fabulous my garden is...

I have truly fantastic friends -  online and ones who live locally. Life is going well... for now. I even have officially signed with an agent, and will be working on Book 3 to get it published.

Yeah, so I'm grateful for the little things. I do wonder if Mr Right is really out there for me... what if he isn't? I think I just need to live my life, and what will be, will be...

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Every Writer Needs A....


I long for the days when I can afford a cleaner. That way my writing time wouldn't be disturbed by the guilt of having to put the vacuum cleaner around. (I want to say hoover but we all know it's a Dyson nowadays and 'to Dyson' just doesn't sound the same).

Admittedly, now I'm not married and live on my own with my two boys, it's not like I have to justify my time any more. "What have you done today, dear?" I can live with the dirt for one more day. But I do hate the dust that gathers...

I have black IKEA furniture. I'm sure it makes it's own bloody dust!

I watch the TV and think, hell that needs dusting!

And what if someone turned up and surprised me?

Don't get me wrong, I don't live in a pigsty, I am a naturally tidy person - on the outside! (Don't look in my drawers). However, I would love my house to be cleaner and tidier!

It would be lovely to walk around my house, know that it's spotless clean... and I can use my time to write. A cleaner would do all the jobs I hate doing, and would do them regularly.

I mean, a bathroom... how does that get dirty. It's a room you use to get clean.

So yes, I dream of earning enough to have a cleaner... One day, Teresa, one day.... just keep writing, just keep writing...