Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Pretty Close To Broken Hearted

Before I start, I am not afraid of change. I got divorced, for heaven's sake!

I'm not really a strongly political person either. Usually I'm not that opinionated about it. I vote, because I feel I should. Women fought a lot for me to get that vote, so I should at least do it. I let the government get on with it, and I tow the line in life. I don't really care who is in power, as long as it's not UKIP. I have a roof over my head, two delightful children (when they're asleep), a (paid) part-time job (although the rate could be better), and I'm an author (the don't rely on the royalties type). Life is good generally.

But I'm worried that life is going to go downhill if we really do leave the EU. The Brexit vote has already impacted our country. And I keep seeing Brexits telling us to think positive, stay calm... as if doing a fucking rain dance or smoking a peace pipe is going to fix this.

'We'll get our country back."


After the recession?

This could take years to recover from.... (currently quoting five, I'm thinking more ten, twenty...It'll be 100 years before they let us back in, I tell you.)

The irony is that a good proportion of the people who voted out because they want their country back will be dead by the time it's back standing on its own two feet. If that ever happens.... (I'm sure it will, we just have a very stormy ride ahead of us, and I actually want to be proved wrong that Brexit was the right thing to do. Honest to God, I do, because the fear of losing my home, my job, the future of my kids and their aspirations is sickening).

Oh and these same people are retired... so they're hardly going to help work this country back to its glory, either.

FFS! *insert eye roll here*

At least my dad, who I do love dearly and knew he would have voted out but didn't because - and this is why I love him even more - he said, "It wasn't up to me to vote. It's up to the younger ones to decide. I've had my time on this planet. This decision would affect them not me. It's not up to me to decide their future."

Oh, if only a few more had thought like that.... (I wouldn't be writing this blog post).

And then I read things like the media are scaremongering us into a recession.

It's almost like the Brexits will not take responsibility now this has been voted. I mean all the politicians who were campaigning for an exit, have all stood down. What does that tell you?

(This video is a fantastic analogy! It will make you laugh!)

Love or hate David Cameron I can actually understand why he's stood down. He didn't want this. He's failed to convince his country to remain in the EU, so a Brexit should take the helm... and lead us forward... to this magnificent event....

You'd think, right?

No, they've all fucking scarpered.

I don't feel like we've got our independence back. I feel like I've lost my freedom!

So the next Brexit to tell me to stay calm and be positive I am likely to shove a (hypothetical) pencil up their nose.

Don't tell me... show me why I should be.

Start filling my social media with reasons why I should be rejoicing the idea of our country leaving the EU. There must be something out there, other than the ever decreasing exchange rate of the Euro against the Pound....