Monday, 31 January 2011

Finished My First Original Novel

Well, the first draft anyway.  It's going to sit tight for a bit and then I'll take another look at it because I am pretty sure that it will need a lot of work but The Wedding Favour is finished!

It's likely to keep the name too.  Last night, while writing the last chapter, I had a brain wave, a eureka moment!  Don't you love it when that happens?  And was able to tie in the title further within the last chapter.  Hurrah!

In the meantime I think I will swot up on chick lit and see how other writers do it.  Because having read Starting Over by Sue Moorcroft, then finishing Mistletoe and The Lost Stiletto by Liz Fielding last night, I do feel rather inadequate in my writing.  I do struggle to come up with original ways to describe stuff.

I've read a few of Liz's books now, and every time she creates a wonderful sensual tension between her characters.  I have another of Sue Moorcroft's to read, and once my bank balance has sorted itself out, I will be purchasing Want To Know A Secret?  Title alone has me intrigued.  I also have a Jill Mansell on my bookshelf, who also comes recommended.  So more reading to be done by me!

I do feel a tiny bit sad and deflated.  I mean, I've been writing about two people for nearly six months now, as I created them for the Mills and Boon New Voice competition for September 2010.  And because I just couldn't get it out of my head, I carried on with it.  These two characters took over my life, my mind, and to not write about them anymore feels... strange. 

At the moment the first draft stands somewhere close to 90,000 words, and I would like to submit it to a chick-lit publisher, rather than Mills and Boon.  (Will have to research that too at some point).  I've stretched the story out more - hopefully realistically.  It would have had to have a fast track approach to the romance with Mills and Boon and their smaller word limit.

So what am I going to do now?  I've actually got to concentrate on my coursework, get Assignment 7 finished, and I want to write a couple of short stories, or even an article, as I need to get more stuff *out there*.  The novel is a long-term plan, but short term, trying to make money from writing regularly, and as quickly as possible (so I can give up my 'weekend' job), I would like to be selling smaller pieces of work - so fingers crossed - I need to make that happen!

Therefore, while I give The Wedding Favour some breathing space, I'm going to tackle those smaller projects...

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Book Review: Mistletoe and The Lost Stiletto by Liz Fielding

Mistletoe and the Lost Stiletto (Mills & Boon Cherish )Mistletoe and the Lost Stiletto by Liz Fielding

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I don't know how Liz Fielding does it.  This is a cherish; sweet and tender romance - but the pages sizzle with sensual, sexual tension more so than some of the hotter romances in the M&B genre I've read.  Loved it.

This really is a fairy tale story come true.  Lovely, light and fun, too.  It gave me some laugh out loud moments, and a lump in the throat, with real, believable characters.

I liked the Twitter/Tweeting ideas that ran through it, too  

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3 books down on my 40!

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Terrible Picture But Reminded Why I Should Socialise More

The other week, I went out with some friends.  We have all known each other roughly six years now, as we all met through a postnatal group with our first baby's, and they grew up together when we'd meet for play dates.
Now that our children are at school, we don't meet during the week like we used to - occasionally after school at Puxton, but we can't all make it usually.  We do try to go out of an evening once in a while, and our last social gathering got snowed off before Christmas, so we met up the other Friday.  We were already giggling and laughing with each other before the wine had been poured.  And it's nice to talk without having the kids interrupting, coming up to us asking for this, that and the other, or fighting over a toy (as they did as toddlers!). We never used to get a conversation finished.

Once we'd drunk a few, and were giggling away, I commented how our friend Jo is a character, and that (one day) she's going to appear in one of my 'books'.

Jane came up with Bo Joswell - because obviously the character wouldn't be called Jo. 

We joked that I really should have taken out my pad and pen, and made notes, because socialising gains stories and experience for a writer.  Jane, who was taking the photos - it was her camera! - put this together.  Not a great photo of me, however I do like what she's done with it!

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Tooth Fairy!

Ben lost his first tooth yesterday.  I have to document this.  I don't tend to find time for a diary, my blog has become the next best thing.

Random Picture Of Ben - He Has All His Teeth Here
I couldn't get a decent gappy picture though. 

The going rate around school was £1 so we thought we better do the same - though what is wrong with 50p for a tooth?  In my day (now I sound old) it was 10p.  My mum always tells the story how she didn't have one, so chucked two 5ps (that's the half shilling size, too) underneath my brother's pillow and they clinked together and he was like, "What was that?"

"Um, don't know, just go to sleep!"

This morning, pleased that she'd been, Ben put his prize in his money box, saving for a toy quad bike.  At first we thought he meant a real one (over my dead body!) but he must have realised he'd need a lot of teeth!  Phew!

At least he didn't even mention wanting to spend it on sweets - though that is something we haven't encouraged, so is a good thing - right?  I mean, there's an element of irony in buying sweets with the money the tooth fairy has given you, don't you think?

Hubby was saying that a guy at work had given £5 a tooth - was he mad? Twenty teeth later he's dished out £100 - I'll stick to the £1 thank you.

Now I have some writing time, so I must go write.  I need to get The Wedding Favour finished (almost there) so I can concentrate on some short stories and articles, and hope/pray/wish they get published.  So where's my fairy god mother ...?

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

I'm All In A Quandary

I feel like I need Dumbledore's Pensieve or something.  I've got so many things going around in my head of what I've got to do; writing, reading, and housework, and other stuff... I'm in a muddle.

Again, I get this niggle that if I'm not writing short stories or articles and getting them out there, there is no chance of me making money.  Bit like the lottery, no point dreaming of how you're going to spend your millions if you haven't bought a ticket! 

However, to write the articles, I need to sit down and research the magazines (though I am sort write the article then make it fit a magazine type person).  For short stories, I don't know if any of you are similar, but I find it very hard to talk to other characters when I've got some at the forefront of my mind.  Currently, Sophie and Adam from The Wedding Favour just keep talking to me! 

I think once I have this finished, which I hope to do by the end of the week, then I can get a short story thought up and started.  I did even think of a setting, and a hero and heroine for possibly a pocket novel idea.  Yet, I can't think of the conflict or the plot to which the characters need to lead.

I'm nearly to the end of The Wedding Favour now .  I've just realised there is something in the middle I wanted to include, so may go back and put that in - it just links in with the title nicely, if I chose to keep this title.  (Not sure yet.)  But it is now a case of getting this ending written.  At first I thought there would be no sex, it was looking that way, but now I'm thinking I can probably put a love scene in.  (It's not something I relish in, I really worry I'll hash it up lol!)  Sex scenes can not be gratuitous, however, if I've strung my readers along to a point of frustration, they might want to 'see' my characters have sex, (or at least move towards the bedroom) otherwise they could close the book fully disappointed.

Anyway, I possibly have two or three, maybe four chapters to go until 'THE END' and then, I can concentrate on my coursework and get a short story written.

Haven't heard anything yet from the stories that I have sent out. Boo! But I think it's early days and I'm just impatient.

Before and After finishing The Wedding Favour - maybe?
(At the moment, I feel like 'before'.  Hopefully it won't be long until I'm 'after')

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Book Review: Getting The Point

Getting the Point: A 10-step Guide to English Punctuation for AdultsGetting the Point: A 10-step Guide to English Punctuation for Adults by Jenny Haddon

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Really useful book.  For any serious writer who can't always remember the rules of punctuation, this should be on your bookshelf or close to hand at all times. 

I recommend when reading a chapter of this book, to have a pencil and rubber (eraser) to hand.  Some of the chapters have quizzes, which should actually be attempted.  It really does help with your learning.  Especially the subjects you are weaker on.  (Commas were mine!)

Throughout are some useful tips.  It's aimed at all writers really, from novelists to business reports and articles. 

Some I did find easy, and some I did really learn from, and some I knew what to do but this book explained why. 

I tended to read this a chapter a night, to take it all in.  But it's something you won't want to lend out and will want to keep on your bookshelf as a reference. 

The last chapter gives a brief guide to grammar, and also some extra help - the terrible twos, with examples, principle/principal.  I am always using the wrong word! And the last part is manuscript presentation.  Very important for us wannabe-novelists.

Hopefully from now on my punctuation should be spot on, or close (I am only human).

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Saturday, 22 January 2011

Goodbye Billy

When I first joined Twitter, I was a bit apprehensive about mixing my reality world with my virtual world.  I'd been writing in a fandom for four years, and been known as Billy.  Billy had been a name I chose for a forum at the time, and when I got into writing fan fiction for that fandom, the name kind of stuck.  On these forums and things, I still am, and still will be Billy.

So, upon joining Twitter, I took on the username Billy (Shriner comes from a forum that used to exist, emphasising I was Billy from the Shrine) and although my profile said who I was, it gave me that little bit of security.  And I've grown to like the name Billy, in the virtual world it's my nickname so to speak. 

However, now, a lot of people that I follow, and those that follow me, are really (although I haven't met them yet) my reality.  Writing is my reality now, not just my virtual hobby, and one day, in the big hope that I might get published, I want to be able to say to my readers 'follow me'. 

I've also heard of some getting writing opportunities through Twitter.  I just decided I wanted it easier for people to find the real me, and not hide behind a name that means nothing to anyone outside of the fandom it belongs to.  
So on Twitter I've changed my username from @Billy_Shriner to @Teresa_Morgan10  - for now - it looks odd, so I'm still not sure about it!

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Men ARE From Mars

You know that really annoy habit men have, you know, where they can't see things for toffee?  Like, for example when my hubby is actually cooking something, (sometimes I make him cook the roast on a Sunday, and wished I hadn't for the stress levels it causes!) he'll say he can't find the ingredient he wants in the cupboard, or gets irate that he's got to pull a jug, the cheese grater and something else out to get to the bowl or item that he needs.  (Maybe I'm more patient than I take credit for).  And even then he can't see it.  I've often found things on the shopping list to buy, and looked in the cupboard to find an un-opened jar in there.

I know I'm not alone.  I've asked other wives, they say the same thing!

The other day was a prime example.  My son got a Meccano remote control car for his birthday.  Basically, you build it out of Meccano then play with it.  Now, with all the toys, we put the instructions in a drawer in the study, because we're organised like that.  However, I knew that these instructions would be required, because there are three models to build, so I placed them up on the shelf in the playroom, on one of the top ones so my three-year-old didn't get hold of it.  But it was there, like a book would be on a shelf.

A shortened version of our conversation:

"Where are those instructions?" Hubby asks as I walk through door from work.

"In the playroom."

"I've looked.  They're not there."

"They are.  I'm sure of it.  On one of the shelves.  You've checked the shelf?" (I do doubt myself sometimes).

"Yes." He grumbles.

So, I go upstairs because we could argue till blue in the face, and I knew it was quicker than trying to explain.  And there - low and behold! - they are on the shelf, where I put them.  Not even hidden.  If someone had truly looked for them they would have found them.   I hand them to my husband, and I admit I am just a little bit narky by this stage, saying, "You looked really hard, didn't you?"

So then, that night, my son is asking for a toy and I can see it on the dining room table, and I'm telling him where it is and could he see it?  Right in front of his bloody nose!

And it was like I'd had a light bulb moment, realising that life would be like this, living with three men in the house!  My two sons, at nearly-four and six have the man 'I can't find it' bug even now! 

It's funny how when I write my heroes, they do not suffer from this bug, and I've not read one yet that has the 'I can't find it' bug.  I was thinking about it this morning, how I do have a character, in another story idea, I might have to give this trait to.  The story will revolve around him and his sister, rather than the heroine having a 'point of view'.  (Actually although he's the hero, his sister will be the sort of heroine). And was just imagining the sister getting frustrated with her brother because he'll be making himself at home in her house, and of course, can't find a thing...

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Butterflies For Nanny

The end result... da daa!
Friday, Kieran didn't want to go to preschool, which is totally out of character for him.  We went, but he clung to me, and I just didn't want to leave him distressed.  It's not like he does it all the time, so thought something must be up.  Even his favourite key workers (who he talks about all the time) couldn't prise him away from me, so I decided to take him home.  Tomorrow, I'll be leaving him whatever tantrum he pulls.  I don't want him thinking he can cry it off whenever he wants - I'm not that much of a pushover... and I want to go for a run, besides it's good training for school.

The best bit of making cakes - licking the spoon/spatula!
When we got home, coats and shoes off, I told him no TV, not until after lunch, because he would usually be at preschool.  He had to play with his toys.  It meant I couldn't go for a run, or do much in writing related activities (WRA as I call it) so instead, once I'd had a cup of coffee, we baked cakes.  The boys have a few cake mixes in the cupboard from Nanny Sylvie, so Kieran chose the mini butterfly cakes, and that's what me made.

'Can I lick it?' is a constant phrase while cooking and he loved turning the Kenwood on.  'I do it.' 

And once they'd cooled and I'd made the butter icing, I cut the tops off, iced them, and Kieran added the sprinkles.  It was a nice morning, actually.  Not too stressful.  I can manage one child while trying to bake.  With two, I run out of room as I feel overcrowded - two heads trying to peer into the bowl, rather than one, plus fights over the spatula!

The mixture made twelve mini cakes... but both chefs had to try one each, so we were quickly down to ten.   They were so small, mummy could pop one in whole!  Yum yum!

Thursday, 13 January 2011

News: Excitable Teenager Tries To Escape

... Thirty-Seven year old body.  

So, there I am today, reading Sue Moorcroft's blog, saying how York is a bit far for me to go, and she replies about the RNA Conference which is Caerleon - just a scoot up the motorway and across the Severn Bridge for me - or there is a Writer's holiday at the same venue.

I certainly couldn't afford to be away from my kids for a whole week, though sorely tempted, and the winter break interested me, but it was in Pembrokeshire.

So I looked into the RNA and when Sue said I didn't need to be a member, I was writing out my cheque!  I kind of took it as an omen: not my weekend to work + the conference this year was close by = must go. 

And now I'm dead excited. Seriously, jumping up and down utterly* excited.  The teenager that lives inside of us all, is trying to break out!  I've got to wait until July but wow, the thought of rubbing shoulders with proper writery types, put some faces to Twitter/Facebook names.  An excuse to be sociable, have conversations with adults, while not screaming at my kids; "stop killing one another," "share the toys," or "no, you can't watch any more TV!"

And talking about the thing I love most (after my family of course) - Writing! Romance too!

It doesn't worry me that I'm going on my own either.  I'm quite a cheerful type of person (believe it or not), who'll talk to just about anyone, especially once I've had a glass of wine.  This is going to be fab.

I do hope there will be wine ...

Although, I am a teeny tiny bit worried Sue might think I'm being rather stalker-ish, having followed her on Facebook and Twitter, and now to Wales.  You're alright, Sue.  To use your own words, "I'm not mad. I'm inhabited." You'll be quite safe.

Now I must try and concentrate, and do some writing!

*Mentioned an utterly there just for my writing friend Helen, who says all chick-lit writers use the word utterly!

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Does Reading A Pocket Novel Count?

I am currently ready Sally Quilford's Pocket Novel; A Collector of Hearts, and I'm wondering does this count towards my book total?

I'm up to chapter six and it's great. Full of ghosts, and a handsome man, who we're not sure if is up to mischief or not, but has keen interest in the heroine - of course!  

I'm reading this for two reasons; 1) Sally wrote it and I made friends with Sally through the New Voice competition; 2) for research purposes, and: 3) it's fiction and I like reading - it's a WRA (Writing Related Activity).

I prefer writing fiction to non-fiction, so maybe this could be another avenue to try.

I've bought a People's Friend pocket novel, too; A Moment In Time by Sheena McRae.  I just want to see what sort of stories get published, and whether I have the ability to write one.  The stories that go around in my head might not be suitable, but by reading these novellas, it might generate a story idea for me - here's hoping!

So anyone reading this blog, and has any tips to get into the pocket novel market; I would gratefully receive them. 

I know I should be doing my non-fiction, (articles etc) and I will pick that up. I think Monday I'll start reading my coursework for my 7th Assignment from The Writer's Bureau.  That should get me in the mood.  I did buy February issue of Sainsbury's Magazine.  I do like this mag!  It's about two quid cheaper than Good Housekeeping and has just as scrummy recipes in it.  (It's where I got my fizzy jelly from.)  So want to read through that and get a letter sent off to them.

I do want this blog to be about my writing, but I like sharing family news too.  I'm not very good at keeping a diary, only because by the time I fall into bed I'm so shattered, and believe it or not, writing with a pen actually makes my hand ache quicker than if I'm typing.

So, my family snippet for today.  Kieran at Stars in Training; he's just gone to the toilet because he has this annoying habit of wanting to go for a wee at wherever he's going, rather than at home before we walk out the door ("Are you sure you don't want the toilet before we leave?" "No, Mummy.")  He tells me he wants to "do" the soap.

I help squeeze on some soap into his hands, and he sniffs his hands and says; "I lub (love) this soap.  It smells dee-ish-us (delicious)."  That's quite a big word for a three-nearly-four-year old, I think! Anyone else probably wouldn't have realised he meant delicious, only parents understand their own kids and are the translators, don't you find?

The hand soap is blueberry and lotus flower or something, by the way.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

More Reasons To Cross Fingers

Constructive day, today.  I sent off a short story to the Mslexia Women's Short Story Competition.  I have sent it by snail mail so hopefully it will get there by the 24th January, 2011.

The top prize is £2000 plus a weeks writing retreat.  Admittedly, I would be just as chuffed if I come in the runners up position and won £100.  I very much doubt I've sent in the winning story. 

It's actually my favourite short story I've written so far, though.  I've changed it into first person.  It's called Coffee's On Me.  My favourite line from it is:

He’d obviously seen much more horrifying things in his time in the army than non-matching underwear.

Then, I decided to enter the Candis blogger competition  advertised by Simon Whaley on Twitter.  I delved around for an example, they wanted a 200 word description on an event, dramatic incident or a memory in our family's life.  Took it from my blog actually, because my mind was not going to generate 200 words that quickly! I wrote about Kamikaze Kieran. So hopefully I've done that okay.  Another reason to have fingers crossed.

So now what do I do?  I'm starting to think I should pick up my coursework again.  At least read the module.  But I do have Sophie and Adam chattering away inside my head.  And I need to make them mad for each other, but utterly denying it.

I have another short story (Love Will Find You) that I am in the process of tweaking, and will send off to People's Friend as I think it's got the 'ahhh' factor at the end, it's a young romance, but nothing too strong.  Just a few words to tweak.

I haven't picked up another book to read yet, though I've decided it will be A Touch of Dead by Charlaine Harris.  I've got two pocket novels I want to read (will they count to my book total?) - for research purposes! Plus, I need to catch up with some magazines.  Having bought the latest Sainsbury's Magazine, I'm thinking I need to send a letter off to them, like yesterday.

So that's me, and all things writery.  Busy, busy, busy ...

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Book Review: Starting Over by Sue Moorcroft

Starting OverStarting Over by Sue Moorcroft

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book gave me 'laugh out loud' moments, and tears.  I really did feel for Tess at times. 

You can't help loving Ratty - he's a rogue, but clever and handsome (of course)- a good 'bad boy' who knows how to get what he wants, and Tess's knight in shining armour.

I think every woman wants a guy like Ratty!

I don't want to say too much about this book and ruin the ending, but when, what I thought was the happy ending got shattered into a thousand pieces, there was another roller coaster ride of emotions to entail and this time through Ratty.

After the first couple of chapters, I didn't want to put this book down.  That's not saying that the first couple of chapters are slow, just when things between Ratty and Tess were getting frustratingly exciting, I'd begrudgingly would have to put it down (otherwise the kids would starve, no housework or writing of my own done), and couldn't wait to pick it up again!

When I wasn't reading this book, I was always thinking about it.  Always a sign of a good book in my opinion.

A wonderful romance, with some great, sexy, emotional twists ::sigh::

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1 down of my 40, for 2011

Friday, 7 January 2011

Getting Nervous Again

This morning I popped into the school to hand over my (CRB) criminal record check, so that they have a copy.  I now need to speak with Ben's teacher to arrange when she would like me to come in and help with reading.  Then, I'll just need to go in for a quick induction and I'm all set.

Because I helped out at the Autumn Fair, I also got an invite to a 'Friends' meeting.  Organised it with my dad.  He'll have the kids, so I can attend it Tuesday.  I would like to get more involved with the school where I can.  Not to the point it takes over, but that I feel I'm supporting my local community. 

So then I start panicking.  Am I doing too much? Will it eat into my writing time?  But I want to do these things and what better resource of inspiration than children.

I want to really get on with this writing lark and start making money from it!  So I'm trying to do as much as I can in the time I'm given

My evenings have been spent solid editing my novel at the moment - I've got a bug for it, while the characters are talking to me, I just feel I've got to write it!  But I'm working so hard, my RSI has flared up!

Then, I have to go to work this afternoon.  Only three hours, but it looms over me like a very heavy lead weight.  This aids my worry.  Once I'm there I'm fine - ish, but getting there is depressing.  I can't grumble (although I do), it's regular money, (I need a regular small income) but it makes me miserable.  Those three hours could be spent editing my novel, writing a short story, or reading for my assignment, or even, having fun with my kids.

My dream is to make enough from writing I can give up this job.  That's my objective for this year. 

Generally, I am an organised person.  But I fret.  Whereas when I worked full time, I knew the environment, and that generally I could go in and get done what needed to be done.  Here, I have many external things, beyond my control, I find it hard to schedule.

I've decided, in the mornings, while I drink my first cup of coffee, this will be updating blog and catching up with emails etc. time.  I've even set the timer on the oven to make sure I don't get carried away - so I only have half an hour!

I only get three hours a day free time.  So need to use those wisely - some have to be taken up with exercise, too.  Today, after my coffee, I have got to vacuum upstairs.  The sooner I get that done, the quicker I can be back down here sorting out some of my writing.

I want to sort out the four short stories I've written and see if they're any good for somewhere like the People's Friend.  They are too long for Take A Break, and after reading their requirements, I'm not sure I could write a story to fit.

Right, that's my alarm going off! Time to get to the housework...

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Bite Size Chunks

I've started my first book for the year - Starting Over by Sue Moorcroft.  Probably a good book to start with, considering the New Year and all that!

I've been getting sneaky chapters in where I can, getting myself back into the routine of reading (sort of lost it with Christmas), and the great thing about this book is it's got nice size chapters to do so.

Personally, when writing, I try to stick to around 3,000 words per chapter.  Sometimes the chapter needs more, sometimes it needs less, but if I've got to around 5,000 words, then I'll see if there is a way to split it.  

It comes from my fan fic days, and posting for comments/constructive criticism.  I would sometimes look at others work and think, 'whoa, long chapter, save it for when I've got time' and it wouldn't get looked at until I was ready.  Therefore, considering my readers and their time, I would try to post my own stuff in bite size chunks.  3,000 words has sort of stuck with me.

And I'm the same with my reading.  I find I read books quicker if they've got shorter chapters, because it'll be way past my bed time, and I'll just be left on a cliffhanger and thinking, 'oh, just another one quickly!'  Where as, if I know I have a long chapter ahead of me, I've got to wait for a time when I'll know I'll get to finish it.  Or it will be left in the middle and I don't like doing that unless I have to.  I'm odd like that.  

Who prefers small chapters?  Do you have an average word count per chapter you try to stick to or have you never thought about it?

Am I just weird?

Monday, 3 January 2011

Forty Books Read In 2010

Below is the list of books I read last year.  In order of reading too. 

I read 14 books involving vampires and 18 Harlequin/Mills and Boon/Silhouette romance books (these books probably did help with keeping my read count high, as they're nice and short!).  My most read author was Charlaine Harris.  I loved these books - my favourite being Dead To The World.  My favourite Mills and Boon author is Liz Fielding.  I'm glad I read the Twilight series, but I will say these books got on my nerves - I really didn't like Bella.  Every book I read this year was either a romance, or contained an element of romance, even Gerald Seymour's The Collaborator.  His book was possibly the most edge of seat reading. The End Of Mr Y could possibly be the most weirdest but still a great read (and did have a romance element too).  

My most favourite book though, of this year, and one I will likely read again in time was Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë - and I never thought I'd say that!  Picked up at Minehead Train Station for 85p!

The book I struggled most with and this could have been due to my bad back, and bad news about my sister was The Feast Of All Saints by Anne Rice.  If I put the book down, I wasn't that fussed about picking it back up again.  I think it was one that took the longest to read.


      Teresa's 2010-read book montage



New Moon

Love Lies


Breaking Dawn

Knight In Rusty Armor  (Man Of The Month)  Anniversary The Lawlwss Heirs

One Night with His Wife

The Five-Year Baby Secret

Her Desert Dream/And the Bride Wore Red

And the Bride Wore Red

Sheikh Boss, Hot Desert Nights (Undressed by the Boss, #5)

Her Desert Family

The End of Mr. Y

Ruthless Boss, Hired Wife

Dead Until Dark

Living Dead in Dallas

The Feast of All Saints

Club Dead

Dead to the World

Dead as a Doornail


Teresa's favorite books »

Saturday, 1 January 2011

2011 Is Here - Time To Look Forward

All of these goals are subject to availability.  My availability.  I am a mother of two young boys and they are my responsibility and my priority.  However much I want my own life, it has to work around them.  If they're sick, off school/preschool for whatever reason, it will effect the free time that I have.  So, I've set low targets really, because if I push myself too far, I believe I would stress out no end - and when I'm stressed I'm not a great person.  However, my aim will be to surpass some of these things where at all possible - especially the writing related ones!