Thursday, 11 August 2011

Happy Birthday, Quillers

It's Sally Quilford's (aka Quillers) birthday today - for the whole day. And she's challenged us to write something related with 48 (I'm guessing that's her age).

Well, I've come up with something a bit silly, probably filled with clich├ęs, but I hope she enjoys reading it. It's not even 300 words, and I keep changing the title. Oh and I have a question at the end for you all - I need inspiration! - so please scroll to the bottom.

I made friends with Sally through the Mills and Boon New Voice competition back in September 2010 and have found her advice and blogs inspiring. Happy birthday, Sally!

Surprise Wishes

“I can hear someone coming.”
Sally rolled her eyes. Couldn’t her friends even arrange a surprise party properly?
She rattled her keys loudly, opening her front door and switched on the lights.
Sally jumped and made a shocked impression.
“You guys,” she said, hand clutching her chest. Maybe she should ditch writing and become an actress?
“Happy birthday to you,” chorused all her friends and family gathered in her living room.
As they sang, Sally watched as Teresa walked towards her carrying a huge cake, ablaze with candles. Had they really managed to put all forty-eight candles on there?
“It’s only my forty-eighth birthday,” Sally said modestly, once the singing had stopped, then frowned, seeing someone swipe off two of the candles. Typical.
“Well, blow them out,” Teresa said eagerly, holding out the inferno of a cake. “Then you can have your present.”
Sally filled her lungs.
“And don’t forget to make a wish,” someone at the back shouted.
Sally blew, and blew, until all the candles were out, and smoke swirled from their wick. Sally closed her eyes, thought her wish – while she got her breath back – and repeated it in her head over and over, knowing it was ridiculous – but a girl could dream, right?
She opened her eyes and her mouth fell open.
“Hello, Sally,” Hugh Jackman said, standing there, shirtless, like he’d just walked off the film set of X-Men. “Happy birthday.”
Sally wobbled and Hugh grabbed her arm, steadying her before her legs gave way.
He leaned in, his warm breath against her neck not helping the knee wobbles. The last thing Sally heard before she fainted was ...
“Your wish is my command.”

~ END ~


Gosh, there were so many delicious photos of Hugh, I had to post a few...   (and this is where I find out, Sally doesn't really like Hugh Jackman... but I'm sure she does... And if she doesn't, well, I do now!)


Right, well, this is my 99th post this year... so you guys better get your thinking caps on. What should I post about on my 100th post!?


  1. Oh I do like Hugh Jackman. Thank you thank you thank you! This is fab and just what I wanted ;-)

  2. What a brilliant post! It did make me chuckle.

  3. Oh, Sally, glad you liked it. It took me ages looking at all the Hugh Jackman pictures. Longer than writing the little piece.

    Thanks, Rebecca, it was meant to be fun, so glad it made you laugh :D

  4. Hugh Jackman, just yummy! A lovely birthday treat.

    Happy birthday Sally. ;)

  5. Happy birthday Sally!

    And thanks for adding my very favourite Hugh pic (top left... you know the half naked wet man!).

    I think you should post about what you've learnt on your writing/blogging journey so far. Congrats on the milestone :)


  6. Thanks, Kiru. If anyone's asking, I'd like Bradley Cooper for my birthday ;-P

    Excellent idea Xandra for a blog post. I am thinking of copying Sally's post and putting up my heroes. Not 100 of them, maybe a top 20 - though my list has hit 23.

    And then I was thinking of heroine favourites too... that can be another blog post.

  7. I love the pictures, Teresa. Maybe your 100th post should be a whole load more for us to drool over!

  8. That's not a bad idea Sally. I am planning on showing my heroes, like Sally did on her blog. Though I won't do 48 ;-) Watch this space! It also got me thinking of heroines too... so that will be another blog post.

    And I will do Xandra's suggestion at some point. Enough to keep me busy.

  9. Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes! Funnily enough Teresa, I thought of doing a heroines list too, though not for the same reasons and with less semi-nude pictures ;-) Can't wait to see your list!

  10. What a wonderful thing to do for the lovely Quillers. And thanks for the party - I really enjoyed it!

  11. So glad I popped in for the party! And if there's left-over cake, is there any chance we can have left-overs of HJ? Fab post, Teresa!

  12. Wait till, Sunday. More tottie to follow. I think the cake is just about gone... and well, it's up to Sally if she wants to share Hugh ;-)

    Yes, Sally, my heroine post won't be so shirtless... :-P but it'll show who gives me inspiration when I'm writing my own heroines.

  13. Oh, that was great! Well done!

    For your 100th post, post on the theme of 100!

  14. Thank you, Gaelikka. Have you seen my new post?


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