Thursday, 16 September 2021

Lucky To Be Surrounded By Awesome People

It's been a while since I've blogged - again! It feels a bit of a thing of the past when we're all encouraged to send newsletters now. 

And there's only so much I can think to write about and only so much time in the day. You could be blogging and sending newsletters all day long, and not get what you're supposed to be doing done! 

(My latest newsletter is here, by the way).

However, I do want to blog about this. So I will. 

At the weekend, I attended my first live event - because we could! Yay! - with my network marketing business, Utility Warehouse. And all I can say is WOW. 

I feel very lucky, that as a writer, I've attended some amazing amazing parties, where I am surrounded by like-minded people with the voices in their heads. And long may those parties continue!

Well, on Sunday, I was surrounded by a different sort of like-minded people. People that are working towards building a better future for themselves, keen on self-development, and also wanting to help other people too.

It's very satisfying when you can help people save money... and if they choose, make money. 

The event was so empowering and motivating, and then we got to have some fun like play on the dodgems. I love dodgems! 

I think the only difference between these two groups is that usually my writing/author events involve a lot more prosecco! 

The reason I joined Utility Warehouse as a distributor is so that it will give me the time freedom to continue to write - which is my passion. 

I love how I love both now, and I'm surrounded by awesome people in the two different areas of my life. It makes me feel incredibly lucky.