Friday, 9 December 2011

Advent Calendar: Day 9

Good morning! I'm feeling rather organised scheduling my advent calendars, so they are there for you to open in the morning... just after you've had your breakfast. Isn't that when you open yours?

I can't wait to post this guy any longer. I love their music, I love this man's voice. Hopefully with all the Christmas parties going on, you'll all be dancing to Moves Like Jagger lots in weeks to come!

This man is just gorgeous. No words can describe how I feel about Adam Levine. He is a new discovery to me but now I can't stop watching You Tube and all of Maroon 5's videos because they're so damn sexy.

And he's not really my type either. Okay, so I do find some dark haired guys attractive (Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Richard Armitage ...), but nine times out of ten I fancy the blond one.

I can see this guy being very inspirational for me. He hasn't got a superhero build, but he's fit and very, very sexy. And what a voice!

I'm loving the tattoos too. I'm not usually a big fan of tattoos unless on the right guy. And they suit Adam Levine.

9th December


  1. Amazing photo gallery, Teresa. I almost choked on my cuppa. Presumably he just came around to your house and let you take his pic ...? :-)

  2. OO-er!! Loving the tattoos - all of them, wow. Will maybe have a second look...

  3. Weirdly, I like the middle picture best! And Maroon 5? Isn't that another one of those kid bands that seem to have grown up without me noticing?

  4. Yes, Sarah. If you look at their earlier videos, he's a lot more squeaky clean and very less the tattoos. He's manned up his imaged considerably. But I really like their music - I'm getting the album for Chrimbo! :D

    Sue, lol! I believe the 'naked' picture are for cancer awareness in men. I would have loved for him to come around and let me take his pictures. Sadly, like some stalker, I googled them :D

    Annalisa, are you still there... best get on with some work, and come back later? ;-)

  5. Oh, and I agree about the middle picture. But I had to post the one with the smile because it's so cheeky. The first one with the flag is from Moves Like Jagger video - which I LOVE! And obviously, I HAD to post the bottom one - for full body image, just in case we can't use our imagination!

  6. What? Erm... no I definitely HAVEN'T been here all morning... Nope, not me...


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