Saturday, 19 November 2011

Opinion Poll - Who's Hero Material?

I would like to do a very quick opinion poll. On Tumblr I reblogged a post about protesters. They believed Ryan Gosling should have got Sexiest Man, not Bradley Cooper. (I know there are surely more important things people should be protesting about.)

Anyway, I disagree... being a Bradley Cooper fan. So (and, ah-hem, this blog post maybe slightly biased), what do you think, ladies (and gents)?

Bradley Cooper 
(who has the most fabulous eyes - and body!)


Ryan Gosling
(who has eyes far too close together)

Please leave your opinions below. And of course, this is writing related! How dare you suggest otherwise? Which one gives you the most inspiration? Ryan Gosling looks a bit of a bad guy to me. Where as Bradley is certainly hero material.


  1. That was quick!

    Thank you, ladies. I knew you wouldn't let me down :D

  2. I would have to say Bradley too :-)

  3. I have friends with good taste! Good to see! Thanks, Doris.

  4. I'm with you. I'm definitely a Bradley Cooper fan.

  5. Good, good! See, these protesters really don't know what they're protesting about. Bradley Cooper is the right choice :D

  6. You are biased! You chose pics of Ryan Gosling that weren't very flattering...hey I've done it too though..not blaming you.

    1. Yes, I hold my hands up, I am extremely biased. And I'm sorry I didn't find better pictures of Ryan - I was only very quickly browsing the internet to find a picture of him.

      Unfortunately, even the good pictures I've seen of him, his eyes are too close together for me. As for Bradley's, they're perfect. :D


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