Tuesday, 14 July 2020

July's News...

Hey, if you haven't seen it or you haven't subscribed yet, July's newsletter went out last week... or was it the week before? 

Anyway, there's a competition to win a signed paperback of Plus One is a Lucky Number but only to subscribers! 

Wednesday, 17 June 2020

About Time I Blogged

It's been a busy month! I featured in the Weston Mercury and you can read my article here

I also was on BBC Radio Bristol, talking to Claire Cavanagh, and the interview is at about 2.18pm if you want to fast forward through. I will say this link will only work for a few more weeks. (23 days left at point of posting this blog post).

And I announced the winner of my signed paperback One Fine Day in my newsletter which you can read  here! If you haven't subscribed, please do! 

My son went off to school today. The first time back since they closed in March. Actually, exactly 3 months ago! He has only gone in for the morning. He goes in once a week, for a morning, until the end of term. But it's just weird that he's gone... Will I get used to them both going off to school again? 

Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Lockdown Gardener

We're into our eleventh week, lockdown is easing and I thought I'd share what I have taken from these past few months.

As some of you may know, my dad is also my gardener.

When I moved into this house, seven years ago, the garden wasn't really looking up to much. He removed all the membrane that was covering the beds, and it's had some transitional phases - the beds have got bigger in places!

All my Facebook friends have complimented me on my garden, and I've always said I can't take the credit.

In some ways, even this year, I still can't It is what is is due to the past years of gardening.

Entering its eight summer, as we went into lockdown, I had to take over the garden. Dad left me jobs to do, that he would usually have done, maybe more for my sanity than anything, still calling in occasionally on a Friday when I was at work to do the bigger jobs.

Because we didn't have a cold winter, I rescued some bedding plants in case I couldn't get hold of any.

Between me and my son we've been mowing the lawns (front and back). I actually like mowing the lawn!

During Easter we painted the fences, without Grandad to rally us!

Then, we've had these freakishly lovely days of summer sunshine! So I've been watering and keeping on top of the pots.

Anyway, I've come to find time to tend my garden. Before or after dinner I've pottered; to cut back dead heads, plant up any plants, etc. and water them! I especially make time at the weekend, too.

I've purchased new patio furniture I desperately needed and treated myself to a new chimnea - which I built all by myself!

I've always appreciated my garden, (and gardens generally) but I've  never been too involved in the actual gardening. This year I've had to, and I've loved it.

Not only has it probably helped with my fitness, because you're walking about the garden, grabbing lots of vitamin D from the sunshine, it's actually helped with my mental wellbeing too.

So, I'm going to try to take more responsibility for my garden from now on, (with Dad to assist when I need him.)

Wednesday, 20 May 2020

3-Book Contract With Sapere Books

I've had to keep this a secret for a couple of weeks now, and hold in all my excitement by sitting on my hands, and not posting on social media.

But yes, finally I can reveal why I was drinking Champagne at the weekend!

I've signed a 3 book contract with Sapere Books!


And I'd been saving this bottle for a long time! I have been dying to open it - let me tell you!

It's been three years since I last had a book published and I was starting to doubt myself and my writing. This really couldn't have come at a better time for me.

I can't wait to be working with Sapere's team and starting sharing my Kittiwake Cove series.

I've found that my favourite Italian restaurant in Weston is delivering. So this weekend, I might just have to treat myself to a slap-up Italian meal! I have plenty of prosecco so I think this calls for another bottle of bubbly.

You will need to be a little patient, as the first of the Kittiwake Cove series won't be out until Spring 2021. But all good things come to those who wait, huh?

Right, I'm off, I have a book to write...

Wednesday, 13 May 2020

One Fine Day Too

As you may know, I'm in the middle of reading my own book One Fine Day. You may think this is a bit bonkers. Maybe it is. However, it's been such a long time since I wrote the book, let alone then got it published in 2015, that I wanted to rediscover the characters again.

I've been begged into writing Ruby's story so many times, and I've actually now come up with an idea.

If you haven't read it, Steve Mason is a Hollywood actor trying to find true love. But how will he know if the woman loves him for him, or for his Hollywood hunk status - and money!?

When he returns to Bristol with his love life in tatters, his little sister Ruby, who's not so little anymore, and much bossier than he remembered, helps him don a disguise in the hope to find his Mrs. Right.

I thoroughly enjoyed writing this book as I got to throw in lots of superhero references in, especially when it came to my favourite: Superman. No one guessed Clark Kent was Superman, right? So can Steve Mason hide behind the disguise of Stuart Fisher?

Anyway, Ruby didn't start out in my mind to be a huge character, but she did. And now she's going to get her story. Well, when I get around to writing it. At the moment I'm just gently chipping away at it as I do need to concentrate on my Kittiwake Cove series.

Have you read One Fine Day? Would you like to see Ruby's story? Callum and Alice are definitely going to feature, but I don't want Steve stealing the limelight so he may have brief mentions... besides, he's busy off filming his latest blockbuster!