Tuesday, 29 September 2020

Hello Autumn


Here we are, September already drawing to a close, and I've realised, yet again, I haven't blogged in a while.

It doesn't help that I'm sending out a newsletter every month now, in the hope for more subscriptions and more readers. Does this mean blogging is a thing of the past?

To be honest, I think I prefer to blog... 

Since the kids have been back at school, (YAY) I've been juggling a lot of things and so maybe my lack of blogging can be forgiven. 

As well has going to work work (as I call it - which is the Post Office, where I have to turn up or I'll not get paid), I've also got a 3-book contract to adhere to, I'm doing a few hours a week for a local business, and I'm actually trying to start up something new myself, in the hope it will become my much more rewarding job that allows me to stay home and write. The alternative is a full time job, which would mean my writing dream pushed further back. (productivity will be much slower!) On the days I work at the Post Office, my brain can't focus on writing, so I hate to think what a full time job would do to my inspiration.

Add running around after two teenage boys to the list too! I appear to be juggling a lot of balls at the moment, and this Covid-19 era is also a stressful time. 

I will admit I love the summer. I love the long, lighter days, and the warmer weather. I prefer flipflops to boots and shorts to jeans. However, next month is my birthday month, and I have a few dates with friends in the diary to look forward to. So Autumn isn't all bad.

I don't want to think about Christmas (especially as I work in a Post Office) so I'll take one month at a time. What about you? 

If you'd like to read last month's newsletter, click here.  I announced the winner of my competition! The next one should be out early October - if I get my act together. (Did I not mention I'm very busy at the moment?)