Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Positive Feedback

Drinkie to celebrate!
So far I've added another 14,000 words (approximately) to Perfect Isn't An Option, since starting in March (26th March to be exact). I've been writing for 17 days, and I've missed a few - due to going out of an evening! (Hey, a girl needs to socialise). So I'm doing rather well - I think - nearly hitting my 1000 words a day goal.

I'm thinking of Becky Black here as she likes Stats. 

Anyway, I thought I would share this with you all. I sent the first chapter of Perfect Isn't An Option to my Writers' Bureau tutor for my 7th Fiction Assignment. And this was the feedback I received yesterday:

"You've made a very good start. Try writing a brief summary of each chapter - it will help you to keep on track as you continue with it.
I really enjoyed reading the first chapter and it came across strongly that you enjoyed writing it.  I'm eager to read on, which is just the response you need from a first chapter.
Your fiction writing skills are impressive. This reads like it has been produced by a professional writer – by which I mean there were no false notes struck. You make the reader feel they are in safe hands – I could imagine picking this up in a bookshop and reading the first few chapters and being tempted to buy it.
You introduce the main characters to us here, and give us enough detail about them for us to begin to see what sort of people they are and the issues the plot will revolve around – but you still leave plenty more for us to find out as we read on. It’s good not to let too much away to start with, so we have to keep reading!
A really good set up of the story line in your first chapter, so the reader knows exactly what Steve and Ruby are planning – now you just have to make sure there are plenty of twists and turns and difficulties in the way of true love before the happy ending!"

Yes, it put me in a good mood that day, too. Maybe I am okay at this writing lark?

And she's right, I really am enjoying writing this story. I'm having some fun with it.

I know the tutors are supposed to be encouraging, but they provide a critique too, and she's been pretty tough on me on a couple of other assignments with my short stories, so this was great to read. And to be honest she didn't need to be so appraising if she'd hated the chapter.

I've sort of got an elevator pitch for Perfect Isn't An Option. It goes a bit like this: Celebrity A-Lister hides behind Mediocre Man disguise to find true love. 

Would you read it?

If only I could make one as good as that for The Wedding Favour.