Friday, 20 April 2012

Love Hate Relationship

I love writing! I LOVE it!

I hate writing a synopsis, covering letter, and a blurb for my book. Argh! (Luckily the synopsis was written a while back).

Would you be interested if you read: 

Sophie Trewyn has a wedding to attend, and no one to go with, until her colleague convinces his best mate, Adam Reid to go with her as a favour.  All he has to do is pretend to be Sophie’s boyfriend. Sophie’s concerns about her handsome stranger disappear as they get to know one another. But all the pretending, the kisses and caresses, Sophie starts to wish it were true. But with some surprises in store, will Adam regret saying yes?

This is my blurb so far!

And what do you tell a publisher when you don't actually have any writing history, apart from a few letters!? Because I've failed miserably at trying to get a short story published. I have tried, but not very hard. Really. I ended up concentrating on finishing my novel... because that's where my passion was.

Plus, they all want different things, so I think it will be a case of putting one package together, sending that out, then working on the next. I'm sure it will get easier. lol! And how many should I send out to first? 

There has been no news from the Novelicious competition. I should be made aware by 24th April. Well, it's the 20th, and I'm not holding my breath.

So then I worry, does this not bode well for The Wedding Favour?

I know, I know, I've got to accept the rejections - it's part of the writing process. And I suppose to get them, you've just got to put it out there. But I can't help thinking, should I just go bang my head against a brick wall, or something. Stick it in the oven? I mean, I'm sending it out there, knowing it's going to hurt (maybe because there is a tiny doubt in my mind that I won't become a published author, that I would never be that lucky in life). 

Well, at least it's Friday!

I won't get much writing done this weekend. I'm going home to see my mum, and visit my nan who is poorly. (I originate from Sunny Staines). My husband is running the London Marathon on Sunday, so we're going along to show our support. But after this day there will be no more excuses, my life needs to start moving forward. It's going to be hard work and very messy, but I want to get the tough bit over with, so I can eventually see the light at the end of the tunnel. (And I'm not talking about writing here). Life will be better on the other side.

So, Monday, does my new life start?


  1. Don't worry about not having any previous writing credits to put in the query. Every published writer's first novel had to be submitted without a credit of a previous novel there. And plenty of novelists don't do short stories at all, so wouldn't have those to put on either. It's not a big deal/

    1. okay - phew! Maybe I'm just a born worrier. lol!

  2. Mention in your covering letter that you're in the RNA NWS - show 'em you mean business! Because you do, don't you? And that can apply to Monday as well.

    Take a deep breath, it'll all turn out fine. :0)

    1. I have put that in ;-) Thanks Rachel for the vote of confidence. :D


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