Saturday, 7 July 2012

My Writing Therapy...Blogging

I am so tired I can't see me editing tonight, however much I feel guilty that I should. So I thought I would at least blog instead. (It's sort of writing therapy I find).

I have a plan, you see. July will be spent editing Perfect Isn't An Option to the best I can get it (which might still appear to be a first draft in the RNA New Writers' Scheme hands), then send it off, so that August can be used to concentrate on editing The Wedding Favour to under 60,000 words for the 'interested' publisher.

Also, I always feel guilty when I'm not doing something writing related, just because I feel I ought to otherwise I should be out doing a 'proper' job. But I find, like this weekend, when I do a 'proper' job (i.e. I get paid albeit just over minimum wage) I am so tired, I can't write. Just tried reading two chapters of a book (as reading is classed as WRA), and my eyes felt heavy and itchy, wanting to close.

I've put myself down for some overtime, but I know that my writing will suffer for this. One, it's evenings I'm doing - and that's when I do my most writing related activities (WRA), and two, I'll be tired the next day, or whenever, and that just zonks me out.

I'm even failing miserably at the moment reading my Writing Magazines. But I won't cancel the subscription. I just find it hard to sit down and make time for magazines at the best of times - hence I stopped the non-fiction side of my Writers' Bureau course, and swapped to the fiction. I find if I have time to read, I want to be reading a book. (I'm even lacking a bit on my Goodreads target, though I've read a book that actually hasn't been released yet, so can add that later). 

Anyway, I am trying to stay positive with everything else that's going on around me. (Not always easy with this bloody weather!) I vowed it on the 1st July. The next 6 months would be positive. I do have wobbles, but I give myself a mental kick when I find myself spiralling downwards. I yank up Maroon 5 on my PC (found a fab remix of Payphone and I'm loving their new album Overexposed) and that usually helps. Music really does help my moods. It always has. Especially stuff that makes me want to dance like a loon. That's why Kiss FM is always on in my kitchen on my digital radio!

So by typing this I've had some writing therapy. It makes me feel I've done some WRA.

And now for something romantic and inspirational....

Don't you just love this picture? Isn't it gorgeous? It was on Facebook and I shared it there, too.

I do wonder if it's an odd camera angle or something, but that third arm must be her right arm tucked across her body so they could fit in the bath. (The photographer should have told her to keep it in the water!). It just looks long.

Feel free to give me a kick!