Sunday, 19 August 2012

Another Draft Down...

This is a great feeling, one that almost makes me want to crack open that Champagne bottle.

A finished novel.

But not yet, I tell myself. I'm saving that damn bottle chilling in the fridge for when I get my first signed contract, or sell my first piece of writing. Anything from a short story or article to a novel. (It will more than likely be a novel as that's what I'm working on most though - I just hope Champagne doesn't go off, I could be waiting a while yet).

So yes, I'm elated! *whoop whoop* *does happy dance* Perfect Isn't An Option is finished, and printed, and waiting in a padded envelope for me to take to the Post Office early tomorrow morning. It will be winging its way by snail mail (not Owl Post) to the RNA New Writers' Scheme.

And the palaver* I've had getting this darn thing printed today! I tell you, it's a relief! (*See Facebook or Twitter)

But I know it's not finished finished. One, because I've already received some feedback through my writing group, and two, I know I will get some feedback from the RNA NWS which will mean another editing session.

It is also sitting around 68,000 words and that is not long enough for a contemporary romance. I need over 70,000 words for the publishers I want to approach. However, I believe the feedback I will receive will help in the increase of wordage. Liz, from my 'underground' writing group (as we jokily call it) has given me some good feedback which certainly would mean expanding the storyline a little. 

So can't quite crack the champagne open yet, but I will, however, have a celebratory glass of wine!

And now the exciting stuff, I get to start writing something new. I'm wondering to write my Vampire, but then I do have a fireman... hmmm...  Although, hang on a minute, there is that little novel called The Wedding Favour begging for some attention. Oh, yeah.

I'm off to my Mum's with the boys at the end of the week, and spending the last week of the summer holidays with her. I think, knowing how hard it is to concentrate on writing with the kids home, I'm going to take a two week break, use the time to hopefully catch up on some reading, and September, when the kids are back at school, start on my revise and resubmit to the publisher who contacted me in June. 

Does that sound like a plan, or does that sound like a plan?

I can still brainstorm my next story.... (I'm eager to write again), right, now where's that glass of wine?

(You know what this means - I've written two, yes TWO, novels now.) *squee*

celebratory "Magic Mike" picture - yum!