Saturday, 4 August 2012

Book Review: Breaking The Ice by Mandy Baggot

Breaking the IceBreaking the Ice by Mandy Baggot

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The hero of this book is mouth wateringly warm, even if he is on ice. The heroine is a bit scatty actually. And although it did add to the humour, and I would empathise with her, at times I did get annoyed with her too. 

As a self-published book, this story could have done with a better edit. There were some grammatical errors and the avoidance of the word 'said', plus too much dialogue tagging in places, which slowed the pace down. This is the reason I've given it three stars. However, as I got more into the book, the author has a fun voice, shares witty humour, and I did really enjoy the tone of the story.

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  1. Your review just goes to show how import editing is - you never notice well edited book, but the ones that need work jump out at you!

  2. Actually, I am amazed how I spot the odd typo or wrong word, or something grammatical (not that I'm an expert) even in a 'traditionally' published book. I think, as a writer, you just are more critical. The points I raised with this book, might not have got noticed by a 'non-writer'. It was to a very good standard otherwise ;-)


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