Tuesday, 11 May 2010

My First Post

Just a little bit nervous. But I sort of want to put something on the blog, so it doesn't look ridiculously empty.

I've decided to blog, for a couple of reasons, but mainly to encourage me to write.

I am a mother of two young boys (currently 5 and 3) and have somehow stumbled into writing. I love it! My life is such a better place for it. I am far from being a bored housewife. Seriously, house work gets in the way... I would much rather be sitting here writing.

I'm not one of those people who have known all my life I've wanted to write. I've had moments in my past where I used to get itchy fingers, this urge to write, but I never knew what. I used to write a lot of letters when I was younger, to my cousins and pen pals. And one time, someone did say to me, 'You've got such an imagination you should be a writer!'

I say stumbled because I found fanfiction in 2006. Used to read it, and by reading it I used the then develop my own plot bunnies, and an internet friend (who I will be forever grateful for), encouraged me to write them. So I did, and oh my, some were bad. But I've had great support in the fanfiction realm and now, four years on, (I hope) my writing has improved.

I still have a long way to go, but last summer I decided it be nice if I got paid to write. It would work around my kids. I could stay at home. I've been there and done the full time job, and I know I'll just get frustrated with the incompetence of others. I'm better off at home! Trust me! (This way the cat and the kids only hear my ramblings... Hubby is probably so relieved to go out the door at 7.30am).

So, knowing there was still plenty of room for improvement, last summer I enrolled with the Writer's Bureau. I knew that I wouldn't have as much time to concentrate on this until my youngest son started school, but I could start and work at my own pace. (My problem is that I am impatient and want things NOW! but I know that to become a successful writer it is going to take time).

I'm following the course as it is designed and concentrating on the non-fiction side first. Admittedly, I think fiction suits me better, but I'm giving it a go. It's teaching me research and all sorts, so all is good. Getting me into good habits, though I had already developed some with writing fanfiction.

Topics that I've covered so far is Weston-Super-Mare, Real Nappies, Meal Planning, and Recycling. Mainly stuff I know about as a full time mum!

I did get my first assignment published in the local paper, covering why 'We Love Weston'. And I have managed to get a couple of tips published in Practical Parenting. One of which, (which started out as a letter to them for my 4th Assignment) made 'Tip of the Month' and they sent the boys some goodies. (To technically my first paid piece!).

My goal is to eventually get all of my assignments published some where, paid or unpaid. But I am finding it hard to organise myself in juggling my time about. I get stuck into another assignment, and so the previous one goes out of the window. And I am still writing fanfiction. I started a series that I need to finish.

I also do have novel ideas now jumping around inside my head. I try to note them in Onenote as much as possible. They are there ready and waiting for my fiction part of the course, and when I feel ready to sit down and write a novel.

Gosh, I need to write a list of all the things I need to do! I'm a list person, if it's on the list it will (eventually) get done. Or Dumbledore's Pensieve.

So here it is. My blog. My very first blog.

I watched Marley and Me recently, with Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson, and a very naughty dog. Maybe this will be my column.

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