Monday, 26 November 2012

In Loving Memory Of My Nan

Nanny Tess ~ Violet Habicht

19th March 1926 ~ 11th November 2012

February 2011
I just wanted to do a blog post for my nan. Today is her funeral. She will be sadly missed, but as we all know, all good things must come to an end some day. She died aged 86. She was still riding her bike until she was 81. Nan loved her holidays and her bingo. She was never one for sitting around, moping about at home. She would have gone stir crazy! She told you straight, too. Probably where I get a bit of it from. Her favourite flowers were Freesias and her favourite colour was lilac, light mauves/purples, which is my favourite colour too. She also liked Amaryllis' like in the photo above. This is one I bought and she potted from Christmas. 

I think this is early 1990s, when Katie would have been at Thorpe School. Mum and Nan manning a stall. 

A favourite picture of mine. Nan and I with our Babychams. This was Aunty Barbara's wedding in 1991 (so it says on back of the photo). That means I was 17 here! 

And this was taken by my uncle Tony. Nan, me and Mum at my 30th birthday party, October 2003. 

Rest in peace my wonderful Nan. If there isn't Bingo in heaven, give them hell! 

I have wonderful memories I will treasure forever. Love you, Nan. x x x 

Love, Teresa x x your favourite, ha ha! (Little private joke there between me and Nan). 

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