Saturday, 4 May 2013

Blog Mode Engaged

I know, I know, I missed Shirtless Thursday! And I didn't even get around to fix it on Friday but here I am! It's Saturday. I feel exhausted from being up at 5.15am, and work hasn't been the best place in the world for me right now. Which then makes it even more exhausting.

So here I am... the long weekend ahead of me, and not much planned! Manuscript printed off, and in the envelope. Two synopsis' printed and in the envelope... until I realise as I go through the tick list they are supposed to be a one page synopsis. So that's this weekends job. Argh! However, I can't get to a Post Office before Tuesday now, so there is no point fretting about it.

I've been sat out in my (windy) garden with Dad, drinking coffee. He's done such a fantastic job, I'm not sure how I'll ever repay him. We've found starlings nesting in my roof too, so we get to listen to the chicks tweet every time mum or dad come to feed. And we've filled the bird table with food, so mum or dad don't have to work too hard either. If the weather stays I might do a car-boot tomorrow - what an exciting life I lead? - just because it would help rid some of the boxes in my garage AND raise some money towards my holiday with the boys.

Also, a friend has sent me over short story competition details with the theme 'Lost'. (I'm trying hard not to imagine Sawyer, Sayid, Desmond and Jack wrestling on a beach). I think this maybe the small project I need to get back into writing. Closes 31st August, so I have lots of time too.

Right, well this one page synopsis will not be written all by itself. Best go familiar myself with my novel (The Wedding Favour) again...

And I haven't forgotten... here's a treat for you! Shirtless Saturday?


  1. Great, now I'm imagining Sawyer, Sayid, Desmond and Jack wrestling on a, forget Jack, make it Boone. Mmmmm.... Or Daniel. He's cute.

    1. (Where's the like button! lol!) Oh, they killed off Boone too early! lol! I'll have Jack... you can have Daniel. lol!

  2. Sounds like you are really busy! Do remember to take a little 'me' time though won't you?
    We all need put the kettle on, stick your feet up, and chill!

    Enjoy the weekend.

    1. Yes, I know. I think once I've caught up with myself, my routine will get better. I just think cluttered house, cluttered mind. But my marvellous dad cleared my garage, and I've just loaded the car. Off to do a carboot this afternoon. Then I have to remind myself, I'm in this house for virtually forever, I can do stuff at my own pace :D I just want to get writing again. I want the voices to come back! Then I won't care if I'm sat in my house alone :(


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