Tuesday, 7 May 2013

There Could Be Tears

Tears of joy or maybe just tears.

Today, when I wasn't soaking up the sun in my garden and listening to the Starling chicks tweet from their nest (they are getting louder, hence this must mean bigger), I managed to visit the Post Office to send off my manuscript, The Wedding Favour, to the RNA New Writers' Scheme. Eek!

Admittedly, it did receive positive feedback from publishers, (although no success stories otherwise I wouldn't be sending it to the RNA!) so I'm hoping I won't be crying over the comments too much. I know I should receive some constructive criticism (that maybe the publishers couldn't quite give me the time to feedback) to help me work on it, strengthen it, whatever. And something that might boost my confidence... please... to give me the push I need. But it is done, so there is no point in fretting. Now I need to concentrate on writing.

I know I can edit it for one publisher, although I fear they may no longer be interested in it - it's been nearly a year. But the thought of editing either The Wedding Favour or Perfect Isn't An Option just feels too tough in getting back into writing. I need to actually write, get the voices talking to me. At the moment I seem to be milling over things that are happening in my life, and the voices are quiet in the corner, worried I'm going to bite their heads off if they try to speak up. I'm not even hearing a whisper.

This is my plan to get back into writing! There's a short story competition that runs locally. My three local writery friends (June, Jacquie and Liz) and I went along last year to the awards evening, and it was really good fun. They had all entered and had been short-listed - which gave two a real boost to their writing confidence as they'd never won anything, and deservedly so. All the stories that are short-listed go into an anthology, but there is prize money for first, second and third, so it's worth entering. I also like this year's theme, too: Lost. I'm sure I can come up with something for that... my days of writing Quick Picks for Fanfic should help me. The hero may look a little bit like Sawyer, and the heroine could be a Kate lookalike but hey! Time to start brainstorming. Closing date is August 31st, 2013.

From now on, must walk around with a notepad in my hand at all times.

In the meantime, in between writing/brainstorming, I'll have to sit back and wait to hear from the RNA, and what my reader will think of my story. Good job I'm not a nail biter.


  1. Sounds like a great idea to do the contest. It gives you a deadline and motivation. You get back into the swing of writing something and then editing it, getting feedback etc. It's sure to help you ease back in to tackling the bigger projects.

    And yes, now The Wedding Favour has gone off to the NWS reader, try to put it out of your mind until it comes back. When it comes back with the feedback, do like I do with edits. Open it up. Read the comments quickly, just once, then close it again. Proceed to freak out or cry or get drunk or eat a tub of ice-cream, or all of the above. Then sleep on it, and look at it the next day with a cooler head. Never ever act on feedback immediately. :D

    1. Yes, this is what I thought. I needed a project, and with a theme it will make me think a bit. I used to enjoy the Quick Picks - all those years ago! And August feels do-able. I might come up with a few short story ideas and go with the best to enter. I can enter more than one, too... just obviously will cost me.

      Ha ha - yes I may do "all of the above." And sleep on it. Good advice. I will keep you posted. You'll be one of the first to hear.


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