Friday, 10 May 2013

Today My Blog Turns Three

I can't believe I've actually been blogging for three whole years. Happy birthday, The Wittering Woman! But what an earth have I discussed over three years?

This was my first blog post; My First Post. (Original title huh?) After that, I do believe I may have posted a lot of eye candy... I mean inspiration for writing the perfect hero.

Today, Sally Quilford shared a post from Mills And Boon, who are looking for a blogger. I've got a week, but I might give it a go and send something in. Because blogging about books and romance would be the perfect job. (As you may know, I'm looking for another job, too.) I've dug out a book review of one my favourite authors, so I can tweak that. :D

And I've realised I should be discussing romance more on here. This could be the kick I need, people. Slowly, my writing mojo is returning. First a short story competition, now a blogging one. I call myself a romantic, so I should be writing about it more. Then you'll get a feel for what my books will be like - when I finally get them published.

So, Teresa, aka The Wittering Woman, what is your favourite romance scenario in a book? 

I love reading the hero and heroine pretending to be a couple, and by doing so actually fall in love. The Wedding Favour is based on this theme. And recently I re-watched the romantic comedy Just Go With It starring Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler. It's actually the scenario reversed. Aniston, who works for Sadler, has to pretend to be the ex-wife, so that Sadler can woo the twenty-year-old-something he's dating. Not only is it hilarious as the lies get deeper and deeper, (because Sadler has to pretend to be Aniston's husband to dupe someone else) but on their journey of pretending, they realise that they are perfect for one another.

I think under Mills and Boon the 'category' is marriage of convenience. What's your favourite romantic storyline?

To end this blog post, as it is my blog's birthday, it would be rude not to share with you... some inspiration.

Can't beat a hot fireman for a hero, right? 

p.s. I'm opening my blog up again to visits. Let me know if you want to share your book, or raise your profile!


  1. Happy birthday, Blog!

    Something funny has happened with your blog - I've switched from Google Reader to Bloglovin to keep track of my blogs, but it doesn't recognise your blog exists... Not nice when you're 3. I'll try not to lose touch :-)

    1. Do you think it's blogger? Or the tracker you're using? Hmmm... I wonder if it is Blogger because Networked blogs no longer works with it.

      Don't tell me I'll have to move to Wordpress too. I quite like Blogger because it seemed really easy to use. Wordpress appears more complicated lol!

      Thanks for the birthday wishes. I'm trying to get back in touch with blogging again... I need to get writing! I do try to post to Facebook and Twitter new blog posts, too.

    2. I think it's the tracker, or even my own fault somehow. I considered Wordpress at one point, created an account and stared at the screen for hours trying to figure it out. Blogger is much, much simpler. As long as you post to Facebook and Twitter, I'll always catch up with your blog!


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