Wednesday, 4 June 2014

RNA Summer Party Quick Report

My cocktail: Cesar Punch
As I've been on holiday, and have a mountain of things to catch up on (including the washing and ironing) I thought I would just do a very quick blog post to tell you about the RNA Summer Party.

It was soooo much fun :)

Sue, me and Charlotte

Firstly, I met my editor (I will never tire of those two words together) Charlotte Ledger and Sue Fortin for cocktails at the Ritz.

Then, running a teeny bit late, (nothing to do with me taking photos of the very pink powder room) we headed to the summer party so that Sue and I could have our official photo taken!

Official photo of the Joan Hessayon contenders
Receiving my award.
I met new faces, and faces that I knew through social media but had never met, and old faces, friends I'd made at the RNA Conference in 2011 and were able to catch up with (because I hadn't seen them since).

It really was a lovely evening and I didn't get to talk to as many writers/friends as I had hoped. Apologies to those I missed!

I was awarded a certificate and a prize (which I really wasn't expecting). Lining up was very nerve-racking. And luckily, Pia Fenton didn't do a X Factor style announcement of the winner. She announced it quickly to put us out of our misery. :)
Sue & I with our certificates

The winner was Jo Thomas with her d├ębut novel The Oyster Catcher. More news on the winner here.

I think my favourite part of the evening was being introduced by Charlotte to a lot of her Mills and Boon colleagues and friends as 'one of her authors'. I won't ever tire of that phrase either.

Fab fab evening! Chatted on the train all the way to Egham to some poor guy heading out to Reading. Hope he didn't think I was bonkers with my pink nails, pink dress, pink handbag and pink shoes. Can't wait for the RNA Conference. My pack has arrived. I must fill it out. If you're going, see you there. :)

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