Thursday, 1 December 2016

December Is Here

It's pretty cold outside today, confirming Winter is here too. There's a frost on the ground which the kids all want to be snow.

My boys love December. It means they get to have chocolate at breakfast. (I have to reiterate after they've eaten their breakfast!)

Even though Ben is going to be 12 in a few days time, he still likes our advent calendar that has now become a part of our Christmas tradition. I love finding small chocolates that will fit into the pouches. On the 4th and 24th there has to be extra in there.

And Ben loves having a December birthday, because it means he gets to eat chocolate in the morning...

I still won't put the decorations up until about a week later, although I may have to get the lights on outside the house (as my neighbour has put his up and I wouldn't want him to feel the odd one out).

This year I got treated to an advent calendar from Marks and Spencer, so this morning I enjoyed the excitement by opening up the first box. You're never too old to have an advent calendar!

I've deliberately not looked at the list on the back, so I'll get a surprise every day! I love presents!

Usually I run a kind of advent calendar on my blog, but I think I'm going to be too busy with edits for my third book, due out in April, and with wrapping presents etc. But hopefully, I'll get to sneak a few blog posts in before the festivities truly begin.

What advent calendar do you have? I've seen some pretty unique ones on Facebook...

Wouldn't this be a wonderful Advent Calendar to have.... don't think we'd get much done running up to Christmas though...

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