Thursday, 24 March 2022

Happy Birthday, Kieran!

January 2022
And so Kieran turns 15. And today marks 2 years of going into full lockdown. 

Today has been spent not in school because 2 years on, Covid still affects our lives. He's had to stay home for two days of home-schooling due to a shortage of teachers. At least he did manage to go into school last year, even though we were still in a lockdown. 

He hasn't minded it today. He has done some school work but the sun has been shining so he's been out with his friends playing football. 

A couple of years ago with Rio!

Although a bit grumpy at times - that's the teenager in him - Kieran is my most organised child, and much much tidier than his brother. He's also quite thoughtful, buying gifts for either me or his dad when he goes away on holiday and things like that. 

He also forgets himself sometimes, and has a cuddle, to soon realise he's (now) 15 and shouldn't be cuddling his mum - ha ha! But I do love our sofa time. (Currently watching Superstore which we're finding hilarious.) 

Love my boys. So much. 

We have pizza for tea planned, plus his favourite cake; cinnamon Nutella cake. 

The birthday cake! 

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