Thursday, 7 October 2010

Technically I'm Doing Some Research

Just reading a woman's magazine and now know why I usually don't bother. 

'Twenty of the best look younger tips' is the article I started reading -( because three years off the big Four O I'm a bit vain about these things )- as I'm supposed to be getting article idea inspirations!  

Tip 7 'To avoid permanent "sleep lines", opt for slippery silk or satin pillowcases and sleep on your back as much as possible.'

My Osteopath would have a fit if he read that!

Not about the silk/satin pillows, obviously! 

Do you remember in May when I was having my bad back problems?  I went to see my favourite Osteopath, and the one thing I have got into a habit with, because of my RSI is sleeping on my back.  I found that my shoulders would relax, and so would my arms.  However, he said, that it puts a lot of pressure on the bottom of your spin (even if you have a memory foam mattress like mine) and it is best to sleep on your side with a pillow between your knees.

And that's where my problem was... the bottom of my spin, the curve in my back. 

I started doing as he suggested, sleeping on my side more, and my back got a lot better quickly! 

So yes, if you want to look younger but have a knackered back - carry on as you are and follow tip 7!  Your bent over double in agony but your face looks nice.

Can't women grow old gracefully any more?

Shouldn't magazines check some of this advice out before issuing it out?

I'm torn between writing to them and telling them what I think but as I'm supposed to be researching magazines, to write articles (part of assignment 6 and now realising I have little inspiration), and the magazine might actually be a good one to get short stories published, if not articles, I think I better not.

So I thought I'd ramble here!