Thursday, 21 October 2010

Am I Mad?

Last year I was thinking about helping out occassionally in the class room, but because I had Kieran at home I just couldn't do it, not without really planning ahead and getting him babysat.  He's now at preschool every day for three hours, and although I can quite easily fill that time doing stuff, especially writing related, I would like to help out at the school. 

Or at least give it a try - I might hate it yet!

I've even said I'd like to help out at Kieran's preschool every now and then - yes, I am mad!  I was supposed to do that with Ben, too - I had all these good intentions, but never got there because again, I had Kieran to look after. 

I barely have enough time to do the housework, fret about all the writing related things I should be doing, plus fitting in my runs.  But they are only small once... and you'll be surprised how much preschools and schools really do like and appreciate extra help. 

So, I've had to fill out a CRB form and once that's done I'll be able to go into Ben's classroom and help with the reading.  The receptionist was really helpful and said that as long as I can do once every three months, they'd be grateful.  It only needs to be an hour of my time, too.  I can do that!  I was worried that they'd want me in every week or something, committing more regularly, and I'm not sure I can (or want to) commit to more until maybe Kieran was in school too.   And I don't want to stress myself out worrying that I have so much to do (especially writing wise) that I'm a wreck. 

I really enjoyed helping at the school fair, and I was put on the craft table!  Luckily, it wasn't too difficult - making badges and Halloween window decorations.

I was thinking this might be a good way to see if I like working with small children, I could consider becoming a Teaching Assistant and get paid!  It's another idea I've had (racking my brains on how to make money), although I want to obviously pursue my writing career, I need money like now - I need a part time job to work around my children.  I'm utterly fed up working at the shop for various reasons that I won't go into, though if you know me, you know why.   I love the people I work with, but the weekends, and the politics are just driving me mad.  I think I mostly get fed up being treated like an idiot.  (She works in shop she obviously has no brains!)  And wondered if a Teaching Assistant might be something to look into.

On the writing side, what better inspiration than four to six-year old children? 


  1. I know exactly how you feel: with Erin being the same age as Kieran, I haven't been able to help out either, but this year have joined the PTA, as I can do this in my evenings (am working when Erin's at preschool). I am now official chief designer for all the school events for 2 schools!

    I know I AM COMPLETELY MAD because I already have major time management issues with running my own business and trying to do everything else that being a mum involves!!

    But like you say, they are little for such a short time and I do want to be involved, plus they are desperate and very grateful for the help.

    Good luck in the classrom!

  2. But don't take on so much you can't enjoy them! I constantly stress about time between work, small daughter, the house stuff and finding time to write. At some point I added helping at Cubs to my list of things to do and sometimes it completely overwhelms me and I have to remind myself to stop, sit, put on a girlie film and cuddle with small daughter on the sofa - or take her to the park, swimming or anything just for fun!

  3. I'm a new follower!!!! It's nice to meet you *waves*!

    Wow, you're an inspiration just admitting your madness and still going for it! I do not have children and I'm not sure that hanging with little one's would provide inspiration for me, however it could be exactly what I need, I'm not exactly a fan of what I do now!

    I applaud you for diving in!!! Never know what kind of writing you'll get out of this! I look forward to see what you think after awhile!

  4. @Kerry - It'll get us out of the house :D (Glad I'm not the only one nuts enough to help the school! But I do feel it's important).

    @Rose Red - I'm pretty good at making sure I don't over do it, as I know what I get like. But this would be a good opportunity to see if it's something I enjoy, and I get to spend some time with my son(s) at school.

    @Jen - Hello new follower! I've always been mad... just thought I'd write about it now. Hope you don't mind my ramblings too much and continue to follow.

    Thanks for commenting, all.

  5. Or get some of those articles sent off now!!! Says she who hasn't done any yet, lol. Everything's been getting on top of me this past week or two, and just keeping going has been a struggle.

    Nope, don't think you're mad - just one hour every so often sounds good. I generally find that the more you do, the more you CAN do, and the easier it becomes. It's when you suddenly get overwhelmed and STOP (like I just did!) that it's not good!!! I guess that's what we all have to be careful of, and get that balance right.

  6. It sounds good to me, am thinking along similiar lines myself, certainly by the time Tj is in full time school.

  7. @Sophia - yes I need to be getting on with my assignment... which then means I'm writing an article. Easier to write a short story, but must pull my finger out.

    @Doris - when my youngest starts school (next Sept) then I'll definitely be able to commit more regular - 5 days, 6 hours a day free :D Yippee! Oh yes, and will be doing lots of writing then!


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