Saturday, 16 October 2010

Have You Ever Seen A Bike Riding Pirate?

Today, was my weekend off at work, so I was able to help out at the school autumn fair, and Kieran got his face painted.

Pirate Kieran

And then, hubby took them on a bike ride... Have you ever seen a pirate ride a bike?

Cutest thing ever - my favourite picture of today!

This is Ben... he's far more sensible to have his face painted.


It was cold when that sun went in, but lovely and warm when out - a proper autumn day.  

It's nice having the weekends off, I just wish it was a permanent thing, rather than alternate weekends.   This is what I am striving for.  Eventually, I hope, I can be paid for my writing, enough that I can get all my weekends free again.

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