Thursday, 3 May 2012

Two SQUEES In A Week!

Seriously, I didn't expect the second squeeee! but I got asked by another publisher for the full manuscript of The Wedding Favour on Monday. (I know, I know, I'm sorry I'm telling you about it now!)

They sent the email around 3.05pm - just as I'm about to do the school run, plus I was taking the kids to Puxton - and all I wanted to do was send the manuscript off! However, I did have a submission form to fill out, and that took some time and care, and I hit the send button sometime Tuesday morning.

So that's it now. All four publishers have the full manuscript. I imagine I won't hear anything till July or August. I can't crack open the champagne yet... there still maybe disappointment at the end, but there is some relief that I've done things right so far! I need to just crack on with Perfect Isn't An Option and not think about it too much.

I will give one word of warning to you all thinking of sending off a synopsis to a publisher. DO NOT do it until that manuscript is finished. I mean truly finished, polished, you feel you can do no more to it.  THEN send the synopsis out, or whatever the submissions guidelines state.

In January, I was thinking, shall I send it off, while working on the editing of the last few chapters, because it will be weeks till I hear something.... No, it was days! Now the MS is sent, I might have to wait weeks...

If a publisher only requests a synopsis or the first few pages as part of its submission guidelines, they will get back to you quickly to say whether they want to see the full or not. And then they will inform you how long you may have to wait.

So glad my betas talked me out of that one! (Yes, I'll mention good old Becky Black again! I would not be here without her and another good beta friend!)

In other news, I will be hosting a blog tour for Doris O'Connor and Mandy Baggot over the next week. Both have new books out! Mandy's is actually out today - so congratulations, Mandy!

I need to get back to writing, but my RSI has flared up, which is really, really annoying, as I don't want to stop the momentum of Perfect Isn't An Option. However, I might have to sit back a couple of days until it's settled. Really annoying! Grrrr...

Here's Bradley Cooper to ease my pain....

See I always reward you in the end! There's something about a man who can handle heavy artillery :D