Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Word Struggle

I thought I best report in. Real life is getting in the way, but I am trying to get some writing in where possible. The problem I have is that I've got to the end of the book and it's around 57,000 words.

Now I don't want to just pad the thing out, because that will be so boring for the reader, (and would get cut out again in the edits lol!) but I think I do need to go back into the story and expand some stuff.

Actually, now looking at my time line, there is potential for some fun with Halloween, Thanksgiving and even a Christmas office party.

But this book really needs to be around the 70,000 word mark. How have I failed to fall so short?

I thought it was going to go on forever. Now, with The Wedding Favour, I thought I was going to struggle, and ended up bashing out 90,000 words initially, (editing it down to about 84,000).

Perfect Isn't An Option felt like a more complicated plot, with a developing relationship between sister and brother, hero and heroine, and the sister even finding romance.

I also keep telling myself that I don't have to panic. It doesn't need to be sent off to the RNA New Writers' Scheme until August as a last resort. But June is not that far around the corner, and as I mentioned earlier, real life really is getting in the way! (Trying to get the house on the market and push a separation/divorce through as quickly as possible - mainly because I'm fed up with sleeping in the spare room on a hard futon).

Complimentary eye candy... my inspiration for Steve.

I really love this story idea, and with such positive feedback about the first chapter from my Writers' Bureau tutor too, I felt encouraged with this book. It's about a new, up and coming Hollywood A-lister struggling to find true love, and with advice from his sister, disguises himself as 'Mediocre Man' in attempt to find the right woman. It's like Superman does Notting Hill. I even have a Notting Hill moment... though I don't have a Welsh guy in grey underpants.

But I'm worried with the interruptions, my motivation and inspiration for it have been waning, and it's not reaching its full potential... I'm just writing drivel.

Or am I being a typical writer, and worrying that the word content is crap, but actually it's not that bad?

I have research to do, and this might help with increasing the story. Any tips how to improve plot?


  1. Writing up is my thing!! I have never overwritten in my life.

    What I'd do is read the story out loud. There might be some sentences where you need more clarification, or you read the paragraph and your mouth is just waiting for an 'and...' at the end. Listen to the sound of the words as you're saying them. That helps with the small stuff - but even adding two sentences to each page will add up.

    As for new scenes (like the Halloween you mentioned), go for it - write them out, play around with them as totally separate from the novel as it stands at the moment. If you enjoy and like what you've written, it should be easy enough to fit them in at the appropriate place.

    But, the READING OUT LOUD advice is one I'd strongly suggest!

    Good luck :-)

    1. Thanks for the tips, Annalisa. I do try reading it out loud. At the moment I'm worried that it's not long enough, and what I am writing to fill it out is just padding.

  2. I nearly always feel sure what I've just written is terrible. Then when I go back to it later it's usually not so bad. Still needs work of course, but it's not all good for nothing by the bin. I'm sure yours won't be either.

    As for being too short. Hmm, have you got enough obstacles for them to overcome? Does it all resolve too easily? Did you in the end go with the complication of him having to leave for a while to do ADR or reshoots? And what happens when he is away, back in "his" world? Stuff like that could get a few thousand extra words in there.

    1. I did get that bit in... but maybe I need to 'show' it a bit more. I was a bit worried that would involve hard to find research.

      I am wondering if I need to bring in the 'heroine's' pov a bit sooner. Will give it a re-read and see if I'm missing important stuff.

  3. I'm anticipating on your write ups' release because I get the feeling it's got a lot of potential with your writing skills put to test with this challenge. At least you're constantly inspired by the little but important things in life.


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