Friday, 14 September 2012

Single Lined Spacing...

And The Wedding Favour was still 182 pages!

Yes, I've printed it off, and I'm about to attack with the red pen to see where I can lose 20,000 words. Eeek!

All four publishers in the end rejected me, but one has giving me a revise and resubmit, hence the cutting of words. And I'll do that, plus send out to some other publishers. I'm torn between trying to get it published with a big ebook publisher in the US, but it will never go into 'print' as a category romance - that's if the resubmit is accepted admittedly! Or still sticking it out for someone who will print and ebook it in its original form.

Although I do think, I would get the rights back eventually, and I could consider getting it published (even if I self-published it) in it's original form. I will always have the 'whole' book.

Therefore, I did send it out to another publisher recommended by a writery friend, just the synopsis initially, and they came back a couple of days later and requested the first three chapters. So I must be doing something right. I don't get the 'no thanks' immediately. At least presentation must be good lol!

But to keep options open, I'll do both. Then I can start on a new book. Or editing Perfect Isn't An Option. I'll get my feedback from the RNA NWS eventually. Eek!

Have a wonderful weekend all. I can't believe September is upon us and the Quality Street tins have been in the shop weeks already. Double eek!