Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Happy 8th birthday, Ben

On Saturday 4th December 2004, at 6.36am, after the 30 odd hours of the labour from hell, my gorgeous boy, Benjamin James Morgan was born.

There was a point in my life I feared I might not have children and so he was instantly precious to me.

He weighed a whopping 9lb 4oz and was so contented. I remember leaving him in the 'nursery' on the maternity ward, so I could have a bath and came back to find his cot empty. Fear waved over me briefly - someone had stolen MY baby - then I saw a midwife holding up a baby to another midwife saying, "look how handsome this baby is." First proud mummy moment ever when I realised it was my baby. And I thought I was just biased. (We all think our babies are handsome, lets face it).

But eight years on, where did my baby go?

Happy birthday, Ben. My sensible boy. You'll never be too big to cuddle... it's just if you'll let me.

(I've scheduled this blog post deliberately for 6.30am!)