Friday, 11 January 2013

I Wouldn't Say I'm Superstitious

I don't believe putting an umbrella up inside your house will give you bad luck. Might poke someone's eye out, yes, but not technically give you bad luck. Well, unless you're the one who get's the poke in the eye, I suppose.

I don't believe opening a bag of crisps upside down is bad luck either (apparently someone said this to me once - I think I was a teenager at the time). These sort of 'modern' superstitions I definitely don't believe in. I mean, superstition goes back to the years of when witches were burnt at the stake, right? Was Walkers Crisps around then?

For obvious reasons you shouldn't walk under a ladder. I mean, something might fall on your head. You're just making your own bad luck there.

Therefore, I would say I am not superstitious. However, I do believe in jinxing things. Like, I won't tell everyone my new address until I am firmly in the house and under the roof and have got the keys. Like, I wasn't going to start packing up this house until I got a move date. I'm still nervous that I am now packing boxes, and although I have a move date, we haven't actually exchanged yet.

I don't like wanting things to happen, i.e. looking forward to events too much. I don't believe it till it's happening, if that makes sense.

Therefore, I am packing boxes praying, hoping, pleading it won't jinx me moving house.

What about you? Are you superstitious? Do you have to salute a magpie?