Wednesday, 23 January 2013

I've Been Neglecting You - Again!

I am moving! Well, again, like I said before, I'll believe it when it happens. But we've exchanged, so it's happening - FRIDAY!

Therefore, I will apologise for the lack of interest and updating I've been doing on the internet. This blog has suffered. Facebook has suffered, though I think some of my friends are relieved because I fill their wall, and so has Twitter.

I joined Pinterest, but haven't done much with it... but it's here anyway, if you want to follow me. I might update it soon.

So, this is me, signing in, just confirming I haven't been hit by a bus or anything. I'm just packing boxes. Lots of bloody boxes. I've tried to keep all my writing stuff clearly labelled. It killed me to actually put my two novels (which I've printed off) into a box. I have labelled that one - 'my two novels' lol! On the plus side, my desk looks sooooo clear. The bad news is my new house isn't big enough for this desk :-(

But while I may worry that my PC may not get switched on for a bit, I do have my laptop. So hopefully I won't be silent for long.

Signing out... excited but scared! Teresa x