Monday, 23 July 2012

Holidays Start With A Crash

Yes, that would be my glass lamp broken. It was one of those vases, all mottled and cracked glass, with little LED lights in it. It looked so pretty. I'd bought it from Next ages ago.

So, technically first day of the summer holidays - first day of me having the boys all day as they'd been at their Nan's - and they've broken something of mine! Not theirs, MINE! And I'd asked them to play outside in the sunshine. The swear words I mumbled under my breath as I swept broken glass can not be repeated. The boys stayed out of my way for a while, too.

I love that the kids are home and we get to do fun stuff together, but I am fearing the lack of writing and running time.

I really want to get Perfect Isn't An Option finished by the end of July and sent off to the RNA NWS. But I might have to eat into August a little. And I don't think it's going to be 'polished'. It's going to be a case of chucking it all at the wall and see what sticks. I think. *worries*

I have got to send them something otherwise it's a waste! Just got to work out how I'm going to post the damn thing - it's around 250 pages! I've now fixed the solution of printing it - I bought a new whizzy, three in one printer. But it had to be done, my other printer started failing to feed paper through even though it had a wodge of it stuck in the back - it would never have coped with 250 pages!

And (I'm sure you realise this already) I am a worrier when it comes to my stories! What if I've forgotten to add this, or this needs tweaking? Admittedly, I want to send them the best I can, but it doesn't mean I still can't improve it later if I do run out of time. With modern technology, it's so easy to do. I don't know how these writers who still use notebooks do it actually. They must be very talented, because my first drafts always need a lot of editing.

Anyway, I hope the summer holidays start better tomorrow. We're off to Portishead's open air swimming pool. It is heated :D But Dad and I decided it would be too hot to cycle the Strawberry Line from Yatton to Winscombe, and Kieran might not make it - he got very tired last time. And to be honest, we're not sure how long this weather is going to last, so want to make the most of it.

Lots of swimming on the agenda this week!


  1. Good luck with getting it done in time. Weigh your book parcel on your kitchen scales and check the Royal Mail site for how much it will cost to send - so at least you don't get a fright at the post office!

    And get a receipt. The postage cost must surely count as an expense you can write off against tax. (You don't have to be earning money yet from your writing, just working actively towards publication to claim stuff as a business expense. You clearly are.)

    1. Yeah, I know I'm not earning money, but I'm not actually paying tax at all... so I'm not sure if it's worth doing a self assessment yet. I will keep receipt, as I may get 'paid' by a publisher or something before tax year is out, I suppose.

  2. I was muttering 'It's only the first day' on Friday, when only the little one was off!

    Good luck with finishing the novel!

    1. We're keen to have them home, then they come home and we're like ARGH!

      I'm not getting much editing done with the kids home :-(

    2. See, this is where I know I'm a bad mother - I'm not overly keen to have them home. Kids belong in school! The odd day is ok, I suppose...

    3. I think I'm only keen so I don't have to get up so early. It's bloody expensive entertaining them everyday, even on 'cheap' days out it costs. Parking the car, or an icecream.

      But yeah, by September I'll be glad they're back at school. lol!

  3. I am wilting aleady, hun. Just 3 days in ... xxx

  4. Oh Teresa, with two and a bit days to go, I really hope you have reached your goal, or you are a lot nearer to it.

    School holidays, love them or hate them, they come around, and its sometimes difficult to fill up the time. I remember them well. My two are fully grown now. I used to get up early to exercise, and frankly to get some quiet time!

    Again in the evenings after they were tucked up in their beds, I'd get stuck in and write into the wee small hours.Needless to say, I was VERY tired.

    I hope you manage a happy balance over the holidays, they won't be young and hanging onto your apron strings forever, so try and make the most of the fun and it through gritted teeth sometimes.

    Good post.

    1. It's not really that finished at all... and I'm really starting to panic. It's got to be with the RNA by 31st August. So must post soon! I've been working this weekend, which doesn't help :-(

      I do try and do most in the evenings, but this week I'm working Tuesday and Thursday night, out Wednesday and Friday :-O

      But yes, they are only this young once, and I do want to make the most of it. Hence, why I didn't want to return to a 'proper' job, and I wanted to make writing work! Fingers crossed it will start paying me one day... Thanks for commenting.


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