Thursday, 21 February 2013

I've Thought Of A Blog Post Idea

I've thought of something that will be inspirational for us writers, a motivational image. Something to blog about regularly.

Over on the lovely Facebook, a writer friend of mine posted a shirtless fireman. And obviously I had to share it too. I had another friend regularly posting Fireman Friday, which I used to share, but now I'm wondering whether to make a Shirtless Thursday post. Because I do like shirtless men. Don't you? Obviously for inspirational purposes as a writer!

One problem, all my lovely photos of shirtless men are on my PC, which is still packed away in its box :-( (I must fix that soon). Oh, what a shame, I will have to trudge through the internet to find you shirtless men every Thursday.

Anyway, it's only fair... here's the shirtless fireman (Or a man dressed as a shirtless fireman lol!)

That burning building was HOT!

I'll try to make sure I post next Thursday another shirtless picture. Otherwise remind me!

Also, as a side note, I'm going to turn on the word/number verification thing for posting comments. I'm getting too much SPAM :-( Let me know if this does cause problems though. Teresa x 
And you don't need to be a writer to post a comment. All are welcome.

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