Sunday, 9 February 2014

Maybe It's Time For A Change...

What I'm about to say may go down like a lead balloon, but I'm saying it anyway! I do have a point. This post is only a bit of fun, even if I'm speaking my mind just a little! Honest.

For nearly nine years now I've worked in a convenience store - the corner shop. I see the same kind of people who come into this store on a regular basis.

Sometimes it amazes me the amount of junk in people's baskets - that's another story.

Now this is a generalisation, because not everyone fits into this 'category' (some fitness fanatics also shop in convenient stores too), but basically, the kind of people who generally come into the store is for it's convenience. Convenient food. Also cigarettes. And so I see a proportion of the population who are overweight (and usually less attractive). Sorry I said it. If I go to hell, I go to hell. 

After a few shots of squashed frogs last night, my dear friend said that maybe I should work in a gym. Because he quite rightly pointed out that I'm seeing a percentage of the population who use convenient foods. The human race is a mix of all sorts at the end of the day. And would these same people use the gym? (It's quite clearly visible that a lot of them do not - sorry - again!).

No, in a gym I'd be surrounded by fitness junkies with lovely trimmed, muscular bodies. I would be surrounded by men like this...

Which in my opinion are beautiful and a much better view to help the mundane job go by. That is my opinion. It may not be yours...

So yes, time to find a job in a gym. Agree?

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