Saturday, 5 April 2014

My Blogging Tips...

I decided, as I haven't blogged in over a week, that I would share what I have learnt over my years of blogging.

1) Keep blog posts short. 

Tom Hiddleston! Phwarrrr! 
I know for a fact that if I visit a blog and the post is too long, I won't read it.

2) Always have a picture or a photo. 

It breaks up the text and is a bit like 'white space' on the internet. Easier on the eye... Here's an example --->

And Tom Hiddleston is always going to be easy on the eye, let's face it.

3) Always reply to comments. 

It's just common courtesy.  If you want these readers to leave more comments on more blog posts, then reply to them. They might be asking a question. Blogging is another form of social media and requires networking after all.

4) If you feature on a blog, always reply to comments. 

See above (Point 3). The easiest way to monitor comments on a blog you're featuring on is to actually go in and leave a comment (thanking the host for having you, like you'd thank someone for having you if you'd gone to dinner etc) and tick the 'let me know when someone else comments' box.

5) Presentation is key.

A bit like with point 2, on the internet the eye needs some white space. Short paragraphs, and put a gap between them. I think I learnt this from posting fan-fiction on the internet long ago and so it's stuck. But preview your blog post before publishing - make sure you're happy with it. If a blog post looks too busy, point 1 is taken, and it won't be read.

6) Also use hyper-links. 

It's good to share links of whatever you're talking about. It makes it easier for the reader, and the website/blog you're sharing will be grateful too. i.e. I would like to share that I am over on the Romantic Novelists' Association's blog... Romantic Novelists' Association Blog: Plus One is a Lucky Number for Teresa F Morgan Come say hello to me over there, too! I'm talking about how I was published by Harper Impulse.

See, easy!

7) Always try to leave a question at the end to get your readers to comment... 

I hope you find these tips useful! If I've forgotten anything important, then please leave a comment below. Is there things you hate or love seeing on a blog?

8) Always leave a random hotty picture... 

Okay, that's not essential but it does help ;-) And Henry was getting jealous that I'd posted yet another picture of Tom.

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