Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Brainstorming Book Titles

My editor and I are in talks about the name of my second book.

I like the idea of having the word 'Perfect' in it. She's thinking of things around super heroes, and 'super' because I do reference the good old Man of Steel from time to time in my book - I'm talking Christopher Reeve, not Henry Cavill, although I love him too.

This is because my hero, Steve Mason, goes under a disguise, a bit like Clark Kent.

Then I'm thinking Star or Stars... because he's a Hollywood actor, a Super Star.

Currently the working title is Perfect Isn't An Option. The reason being is (just a quick blurb I've knocked up);

Steve Mason is looking for his perfect girlfriend. But he doesn't want perfect. He could pick up 'perfect' in Hollywood. But with his celebrity super-star status, how will he know if a woman genuinely loves him?  
His bossy sister, Ruby, comes up with a plan, stripping away his fame and fortune, she makes Steve hide behind a disguise to find love... It worked for Clark Kent, right?  

If you can think of anything, then please leave a comment below. In the meantime, I'll get my thinking-cap on.... and finish editing the book.

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