Thursday, 12 February 2015

Researching Truro

No longer having a book in hand, I'm now tapping away at book 3. Admittedly, reading some of it back the other day, I was thinking, God, I will need to put some excitement into this! lol! But I figured, I can do that with the editing stage. It's a good idea to just get the base of the story down - yes?

One of the scenes I was writing was based in Truro. I'd found out through the powers of Twitter (I love social media) this is the best place to shop for those living in Cornwall. However, I'm writing this scene and I've never been to Truro - I don't even know what to picture. Does it have a Costa?

I messaged my friend who lives in Cornwall, and from that and checking out hotel prices on, realised I needed to go visit the place for myself.

Shame I hadn't set it in Paris, Madrid or Rome huh? But unfortunately my book is set in Cornwall... maybe book 4 - but this would mean me getting a passport.

So, last weekend, with beautiful blue sky - it could have been summer only the car was telling us it was 5 degrees Celsius out there - we headed off to Truro Saturday afternoon and killed two birds with one stone - well, three actually. On the Saturday evening, I caught up with my friend who I haven't seen in over 20 years. We've been chatting to each other via Facebook (this is the positive side to Facebook) so we weren't strangers, but it really is lovely to meet someone in the flesh and give them a hug.

Mr Aquarius and I stayed in the County Arms, which was a very lovely hotel, but the price didn't include breakfast. This was good because it meant we had to get out there and explore Truro on the Sunday and hunt out a good cafe.

Mr Aquarius unaware he's in a photo
Francis Potts, who is a cyber friend - as in I've only met him over the internet; we're Twitter and Facebook chums - came and met us for a coffee and a chat as he only lives in Penzance. So now I feel we are no longer just virtual friends. :)

My school friend, Karen. 
Then, Mr Aquarius and I walked around the streets of Truro, exploring the high street and even visiting inside the Cathedral. And on the way home, we stopped off to take a look at The Jamaica Inn like true tourists.

I'm so glad I went to Truro. I observed and listened to the sounds - seagulls, even though Truro is not technically on the coast  - and I hadn't realised the Cathedral could be seen from pretty much anyway in Truro... or at least heard when the bells chimed.

And the city does have a Costa...

Now I've just got to weave this into the chapter of my book...

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